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Watersports Online Store

No description

Rebecca Chung

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Watersports Online Store

Hierarchy commitment Hierarchy of performance Operation process map Online Water sport Shop Strategy Matrix Customer satisfactions The objective of the customer satisfaction is to provide the high quality service. High quality service including :
The good website design
Good communication with buyers
Reliable guarantee to customers
Variety of products offer
High speed and dependability of the delivery. Business Definition and background Joe, Vicky Becky and Kevin are old friends in high school. After graduate from the university. They are aim to set up the online watersport store to provide the buying assess for the sport enthusiasts. The online watersport business is not only easy and cheap but also accommodate with their hobbies. However, it needs to face a lot of difficulties such as the waste of time to get the actual stocks, the badly use of the e -commerce, poor communication with the supplier and the difficulty to build the inventory management system. Speed Item Availability Cost Service
Quality Business objective Make sales
To meet the customer's exception
Satisfied the customer's demand
To be the good reputation online shop
To become profitable business Order service cycle This process map shows how customers get the offer from online shop. Operation process map This process map displays the offer from warehouse to customers. This process map shows how the stocks from supplier to warehouse. Service design Location decision Location 1: Margate Population: 57008 Weather: 19 to 21 degree in
water sport season Warehouse Layout Location decision Inventory management B. Unique service: - Seasonal discount
- Special offer for the loyalty customers.
- Unique offer for the specific requirements. Annual usage of inventory by value ABC grouping of inventory items Number of warehouse business: over 25 and average rental cost 7800pound for a year. Location 2: East bourne Population:99300
Weather: 17 to 20 degree
in water sport season
Warehouse business:
Over 28 and average rental cost 6000 pound for a year. Location Decision Location rating: Target customers: Accessibility factors: - Nearby coast
- High market opportunity
- Suitable weather for water activities.
- Many train station routes
- Reasonable warehouse
cost -For someone who love the water sport.
-Also accept the demands from any
organization or company. - 450 sq including care park.
- 24 hours available for a week.
- 24 hours
security Inventory management A. To be the online store, it sales the end products, so that they are independent demand items. Therefore, both p system and q system can be adopted as the inventory management. - P system (Fixed time period) For the larger average inventory such as life jacket , swimming suit, which is smaller for storage and cheaper for sale. It is take advantage of periodic visit. - Q system( Fixed order quantity) For the important and expensive items such as Canoes and Kayak, which is non-periodic visit product. So that it is more expensive to maintain. To prevent the waste of cost, it is necessary to accurate measure the used space and
quantity of the items. Break even Financial plan Scheduling Quality management Supply chain Management of distributor :
- Cost effective: market oriented for every level of distributors channel.
- Managing and monitoring
-Negotiation and communication
- Contract Key factors for choosing the right distributors: - Price
- Quality
- Dependability of delivery Supply chain cycle Access factors: Quality policy:
- Quality plan : used to ensure the quality process
- Customer feedback: the voice from the customers help us to improve the weakness of service and products
- Back end system: to tackle the problems, in order to further quality service. Quality plan Determinate of service quality - Access: 24 hours online service channel
- Communication: We are welcome the mail inquire and feedback from customers.
- Competence: We have ability to meet the customer's needs and demand.
- Credibility: Surely to deliver before the due date, if not, we must to compensate.
- Responsive: With passion to face any requirement and question.
- Tangible: Allow customers to buy the directly stocks from our warehouse. Basket Inventory management C.
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