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SPA Leadership Final Project

No description

Carley Wigod

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of SPA Leadership Final Project

Eco-Conscious Reach many people Widget Who Will Design it? Green Prophet Myself! Step 1: Collect Facts From a book? From my own personal experience Step 2: Just Facts? Add in details of how else this can help people in their daily lives! Step 3: Where is Green Prophet? Wouldn't return emails Step 4: New Plan Computer Program Extraordinare Ash Pesante! Step 5: Oh, there's Green Prophet! Decided to take on my facts to improve their widget Will continue to work with them over the summer Get my own byline on their website! Solution: Twice the Widget-ness Currently, I have two widgets Green Prophet's Widget: Still in Beta My personal widget: Up, running, and being turned into an iPhone application as we speak! More talented with computers than snowboarding.
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