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Events that Escalated the Cold War

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Jemellee De Belen

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Events that Escalated the Cold War

1948 - Berlin Airlift
-It escalated tension as America tried to intervene to Soviet blockade in land routes into West Berlin
1961 - Berlin Crisis
U.S.S.R. demanded withdrawal of western armed forces from west Berlin in which Kennedy declined to. It escalated tensions as both parties prepared military escalations.
Top 3 Events

The top 3 events that escalated the tensions between USA and USSR were the Korean War, U2 incident and Russia exploding its first atomic bomb. When north Korea invaded the South Korea, they got help from USSR and China. The US even sent troops in South Korea to help them fight for their liberty. In U2 incident, a spy plane from U.S. was caught by the Soviet government and asked President Eisenhower about it but he kept on denying it until Khrushchev said he would publicized it. Mistrust and anxiety of each other increased tensions. Soviets exploding their atomic bomb started it all, panic and fear came through America as they feared that USSR might used it to attack the US and so US did everything they can to stop communism from reaching America and become a model country who protects liberty.
Events that Escalated the Cold War
by: Jemellee Eve De Belen
1949 - Soviet Union exploded their first atomic bomb
-It escalated tension as America feared that Soviets may used the atomic bomb to attack them.
1950 - North Korea Invades South Korea
-It escalated tensions as USSR and China helped N. Korea invade S. Korea, American Soldiers also went to S. Korea to fight against N. Koreans.
1955 - Warsaw Pact
-It was a response from the Soviet union as the communist military counterpart of NATO.
1957- Space Race
Launched of Sputnik 1, first artificial satellite
-It was a response from US announcement of intent to launched satellite, Soviets finished it first and space race began
1952 - Hydrogen Bombs
U.S. tested it on 1952 and as a response Soviet union also did one on 1953 as part of Brinkmanship.
1960 - U2 Incident
Soviet Union reveals that U.S. spy plane was shot over Soviet Territory.
-It escalated the tension between U.S. and Soviet Union as they can't fully trust each other now.
1960 - Sin0-Soviet Split
- Chinese communism declared its version of Communism Superior and competes with Soviets for influence
It increased tensions as they ere added as third dimension to the cold war
1962 - Cuban Missile Crisis
The crisis was caused by the placement of Soviet Nuclear weapons in Cuba, an island in Sphere of Influence and launching distance of USA
It escalated tensions as both parties used brinkmanship to solve this problem
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