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Harry Potter

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Transcript of Harry Potter

Harry Potter
The last book
General aparence of Harry Potter
Eye color: Brillant green,the same as his mother.
Hair color:Black,perpetually messy,sticks up in the back,same as his father.
Other Caracteristics:Rond glasses,at the age of 11 he was short ans slim with knobby knees.Lighting-bolt scar on his forehead.
The first book
His life
Harry Potter who lived in the house of his uncles Dursley from 1 year old,entered Hogwart at age 11.His whole life was spent there with his friends Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger.His main antagonist was Voldemort who tried to kill him when he was a year old.The spell went wrong and did imself removing almost life.
Dursley family
Harry Baby
The first book is called
''Harry Potter and the
But in U.S.A they
prefered to called'' Harry
Potter and the
The first aparition was on 26 June 1997(in U.K).
Author:J;K Rowling
Autor:J:K Rowling
The last book is called
''Harry Potter and the
Deathly Hallows'' When
he was appeared on the
book stores all the word
went to buy it.

The first apparition was on 21 July 2007

Harry is my hero because is very brave and friendly.
Harry is very pessimistic and he lies a lot.Some
thinks will prevent have some friends.he is to
introvert and like to be along.

The End
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