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Digital Classroom

No description

Corey Martin

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of Digital Classroom

What if our students realized the true potential of technology?
What if technology helped them reach their true potential?
Would they think the process was more than a game?
"If we teach today's students as we taught yesterday's, we rob them of tomorrow."

- John Dewey
Let's give them tomorrow...
My philosophy is simple:
In order to reach modern students, teachers must be willing to build a rapport with them.
We can build that rapport by teaching them on their terms. They will respond to our teaching methods and respect us for facilitating their needs.
My classroom will become the model digital classroom by taking the "book" out of "textbook."
I will use Project-Based Learning as the foundation for my digital classroom and help HCISD quickly close the gap between our curriculum and technology.
Textbooks are a static medium. Reading is the only activity they provide.
Students are easily bored and frustrated by one-dimensional learning.
Shelve Textbooks
My classroom will take away the frustration of drowning in a sea of print.
Camera-ready devices could be used to assess students. Imagine a test that had no paper or pencils.
My vision includes students seeing the connection between reading, writing, speaking, and listening.
Today's technology will allow students to maximize their collaboration and...
Educators use a variety of resources to develop and deliver effective lessons.
Thus, we should also treat each learner like a catalog of information. They should be able use their peers as valuable resources.
Build Networks
Change Perspectives
Embrace Student Needs
As teachers, we constantly use our peers as models and resources to evaluate and improve our teaching methods.
Let's Get Plugged In
If students are positively and productively collaborating, they will be more attuned to their education and more respectful to their peers' right to learn.
Using PBL protocols, my students will respect the power of technology and use the HCISD investment to go beyond my classroom and enrich the school and community.
I have the ability, creativity, and talent to ensure success in the digital classroom. I am willing to attend all necessary trainings to make sure my future students and I will be a worthy investments.
I want to be the teacher of the future because...
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