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New literacies

No description

Raquel Pires

on 3 June 2016

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Transcript of New literacies

Literacy nowadays isn't used only for reading and writing acquisition.
However, work with English as a foreign language - EFL students using new literacies is a more complex job.
"Technology use increases student's motivation, it promotes their active engagement with language content trhough autentic challenging tasks that are interdisciplinary in nature" (McGrath, 1998).
To be literate consists in enable varied purposes. (Moll, 1994)
New literacies
Acording to Leu (2008) the new literacies have four defining features.
First, they require students' competence (skills and strategies) in technology; second, full participation (civic, economic and personal and personal); literacies are deitic, they change because technologies emerge and the older ones fade away; the forth one, they are multiple, multimodal and multifaceted.
Taking technology as an auxiliar tool, teachers can make their classes much more interesting, since they can contextualize with students' reality.
In new literacies teachers of EFL learners can use resources like: webseries, movies and social networks.
Black (2008) made a research about fanfictions' contribution to students, he concluded the authors can develop some abilities.
In addition to elements for motivation, the text formats are relevant as well, printed materials were substituted by the digital ones, using books.
However, this becomes a problem if learners are not taught how to handle that.
Teachers must facilitate this process teaching how catch useful content and also test wich text have real and proved information.
We cannot set all of these literacies, since thank technologies changes, new literacies may appear continuously. What is a new literacy today can't be tomorrow.
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