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What it takes to be a male model- Dijana & Mirela

Presentation about male models and male modeling.

Mírela thorsdottir

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of What it takes to be a male model- Dijana & Mirela

What it takes to be a male model. Dijana Krasniqi & Mírela Líf Þórsdóttir Rule no. 1 Rule no. 2 Pros and cons. Hair tutorial. Reality A male model. Reality You need to be a male. The age does not matter, as a matter affect some models say the older you are the more experienced you are. For example the male model Francisco Lachowski is known for his looks and has been featured in a variety of media formats including magazines and TV. He is currently 46th on 50 Top Male Models. Some models are known for their hairstyles and here is a great video on how to achieve the look. Unfortunately if you are thinking about being a male model, you will get criticized on your looks and other things, because as we know the world is just not ready for the real beauty That lies inside of all of us. There are some models that do not require a six - pack or big muscles, only kindness and maybe cute clothes like this guy. You have to walk like a model, especially if you want to walk on the runway. In the modeling business you have pros and cons. the pros are that its sometimes glamorous, get to travel a lot, free clothes and it does not require a lot of intelligence. The cons are constantly working out and staying fit. Many people think in the modeling business being extremely thin is in but its really not. We hope you liked our
presentation and thought
that it was very interesting.
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