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No description

Africa A

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Africa

Mount Killmanjaro
> no more ice

> 3 volcanic cones

> tallest mountain in africa
Mount Kenya
> base of mount Kenya fertile farm lands

> surrounded by forests

>7 peaks on mount Kenya
> one of the worlds most active volcano

>18% of Goma was destroyed by lava and ash

>3470 meters high
> last erupted 1860

> elevations is 2776m

> first to climb were local hunters
Table Mountain
> one of the 7 wonders

> 600 million years old

> ships can see table mountain
Darkens berg
> surrounded by grass lands

> San people lived there for 1000s of years

> found paintings there form 4000 years ago
> temp is 30 c to 40 c

>wet season begins in may

>animals move to find green grass

> lowest temp is 18 c

>mainly flat

>5400km long
Niger river
> worlds 11th longest river

>income from river is oil

>flows through the county
Nile River
> 6853km long

> source of the river is lake Victoria

> longest river in the world
> temperature is 58 c

> cold at night

> no rain in may and June

> average rainfall is 3 inches a year
> dense vegetation

> 30 to 60 inches of rain a year

> 20 c all year

> rainforest produce 40% of the earths oxygen
Ethiopian wolf
> fewer then 500 left

> wolves that only live in Africa

> half of them live in the mountains

> most threatened dog in the world

by Abdulrehman
African rock python
> non venomous

> kills by constriction

> largest snake in Africa

>have babies in the spring

• The Black rhino is Critically Endangered (CE)
• Has hooked lips
• Its skin is leather
• native to eastern and central Africa including Kenya, Tanzania, Cameroon, South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Angola.

Black Rhino
Zulu Tribe
> native to the KwaZuluNatal province of South Africa

> in eleven years the zuu people increased their numbers from 1500 people to 50 000 warriors alone.

> Zulu history occurred during the reign of Shaka as king of the Zulu’s from 1816 to 1828

> Shaka Zulu assassinated by is bothers
The End
By chad , Conrad, Abdulrehman and
Thank you for watching
> Meat cooked on coals

> All ways eat maize

> Drunk tshwala

> Drunk green milk
> Zulu men wear animal skins and feathers

> the older the woman the more clothing she wears

> wed woman wear hats or izicolo sawed on there head

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