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Toxoplasma Gondii

No description

mira mack

on 13 October 2014

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Transcript of Toxoplasma Gondii

Toxoplasma Gondii
An intracellular protozoan parasite
Ingestion of soil, water, food contaminated with cat feces, ingestion of undercooked meat, congenital when women become infected during pregnancy, and contaminated blood transfusion and organ transplation
Treatment for humans
If you are healthy you will be able to recover without treatment
If pregnant, newborns,and infants catch toxoplasma gondii they can have treatment but the disease willl not be completely eliminated the parasite can gide in the tissue and be hard for medication to eliminate it

Toxoplasma Gondii
Flu like systems, swollen lymph nodes,sore throat and in rare cases eye disease with vision loss.
If you have a good immune system you won't get the disease again
What is toxoplasma gondii and how do you treat it?
symptoms of T.Gondii continued
In infants, HIV/AIDS patients, and others with a weak immune system can cause fatal illness
What does T.Gondii need to thrive?
Proteins help toxoplasma thrive
Illness that is associated with Toxoplasma Gondii
Foods associated with Toxoplasma Gondii
Foods that T. Gondii occurs in is raw or undercooked meat contaminated with tissue cysts
example:Protein ROP4
Protein ROP4
Associated with the vacuole membrane and becomes phosphotylated in infected cells
Toxoplasma Gondii is found through out the world
More than 60 million people are infected in the United states
Very few have symptoms because healthy immune systems keeps the host from having illness
stages of toxoplasma gondii
Oocysts : The stage where there is environmental shed in cat feces;only produced by felid definitive host
Tachyzoites : the stage in which the tissue is rapidly dividing
Bradyzoites : the stages in which the encysted tissue id slowly dividing
Farm to table cycle
Why can't toxoplasma gondii be completely eliminated from preganant people, infants, and newborns?
What illness is associated with toxoplasma gondii?
What are the stages t.gondii goes through?
Incubation period
The incubation period is Approximately 1-3 weeks.
Utensils or cutting boards after they've had contact with raw meat
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