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Diamond Boy

No description

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of Diamond Boy

Diamond Boy
Michael Williams

Southern Africa-Marange Diamond Fields
In Zimbabwe
Also called it Blood Diamond Field
Patson Moyo: Lead Character of book, also known as "Boy Diamond"
Joseph & Sylvia Moyo: Patsons Father and Mother
Grace Moyo: Patsons Sister
James Banda: Patsons Uncle
Other characters: Sergeant Brandt, Lennox, Corporal Mashau, Commander Jesus
Patson & Family go to Diamond Fields in Marange
Miners turn over their Diamonds to his Uncle
Zimbabwe Army and Air Force take control over Diamonds
Patson gets seperated from Sister and Father
Hides 3 Diamond Stones
Patsons father is killed but Patson gets to leave the diamond field controlled by military
Grace is reunited with Patson
Patson sells the diamonds
"My father says that a journey should always change your life in some way. Well, when you have nothing, I suppose a journey promises everything."
Paxton's Fathers Words to him............
"Boy Diamond" by Michael Williams
Booktalk by Kameron Fulsom
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