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curriculum plus trip

No description

stephen murray

on 5 October 2015

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Transcript of curriculum plus trip

curriculum plus trip
Biosphere 2
the museum was one of my favorite parts of the trip you could see live animals like the mountain lion and the birds i think we had the best spot because we had alot of shade

senoran desert museum
The pizza was very good at the pizzaria the slices were very large though the outside area was very nice and fresh.
bianchis pizza
The steak house was very good it took a while for the chefs to prepare our food but we got it and it was very good all the fun happened after we ate..............
The magic store was amazing we got all bunch og magic itemes
Pinnacle peak
The biosphere was very exiting there were different biomes in the biosphere my favorite one was the jungle biome because it contains one of my favorite jungle animals.

Tucson AZ
tucson was very fun and hot and extremly
cold at night up in sky school
Sonoran desert
it was very extremely hot or scorching
and it was exiting to be near all those saguaro cacti
the U of A
the universeity its self was wery big and i think it would be good school to go to
flandrau science center
the science center was exiting because
it had some hands on activetys that we played and the planetarium was cool to and we learned about stars and metiors
sky school was my favorate part of the
trip because it was fun bieng in the dorms with my friends and the telascopes it was very cold at night
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