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No description

Kavieth Munasinghe

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Dragonia

Dragonia Fable Who Currency Where Heros Villans Weather Dragon Coins
Silver/Gold Dragon Fangs Gem stones Silver Dragon coins are made out of silver which worth five Gold Dragon coins which obviously are made out of gold. Dragon Fangs are worth 100 Silver Dragon Coins or 50 Gold Dragon Coins. People get Dragon Fangs from dragons when they lose their teeth. Now Dragon Fangs are rare to find since the dragons disappeared when the Darkness came. The most common Gem stones used in Dragonia are Rubies,Sapphires,Topazes,Emeralds and Diamonds. Emeralds worth 50 Dragon Fangs,Sapphires worth 100 Dragon Fangs,Rubies worth 150 Dragon Fangs, Topazes worth 200 Dragon Fangs and Diamonds worth 500 Dragon Fangs.Other gems worth 25 Dragon Fangs. Magical Animals Dragons Phoenixes Freeze Wolfs Rocky Bears The weather in Dragonia depends on what land you are in. The Fire Lands The Ice Lands The Earth Lands The Water Lands The Lightning lands The Wind Lands The temperature in the fire lands range from 45 degrees Celsius to 250 degrees Celsius! Harsh weather is not even felt by the inhabitants. The sun stays up in the sky until it dark but still you will feel the heat at night as nearly every there is a volcano or lava stream. From time to time dust storms happen as it only rains every 1000000 million years. Temperature in the ice lands range from -45 degrees Celsius to -250 degrees Celsius. You can't really see the sun as it always snows. Blizzards happen from time to time and it doesn't really rain that much here either.
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