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No description

reagan tillery

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Spelman

Spelman College
By: Reagan Tillery

Brief History
Founded by Sophia B. Packard and Harriet E. Giles in 1881
Started in the basement of in Rev. Frank Quarles' Friendship Baptist Church
First called Atlanta Baptist Female Seminary
Moved to present location in 1883
Name changes to Spelman Seminary in 1884 in honor of the Spelman family
The first Spelman class graduates in 1887 and receive highschool diplomas
Average unweighted GPA of 3.56
Must have taken the SAT or ACT
Over 1230 on SAT or over 26 on ACT

Very good school
Classes are not easy
The degree requirements are not that broad
They require basic liberal arts electives and a certain amount of core classes
Student Social and Academic Support
Some student services include: a Career Planning team, a The Learning Resources Center, and a Writing Center
There's peer counseling and workshops
There is on-campus housing
There is a strong advising program
Student Body and Diversity
82.8% black, .1% asian, .4 hispanic 2.3% multi race, 14.4% unknown
100% women
25% in state and 75% out of state
Financial Situation
In state and out-of-state tuition: on campus $42,879, off campus $30,934, and at home $30,934
They offer Need-based aid and loans
Grants and scholarships are for those in need
I 'm interested in studying biology
I want to become a veterinarian
Biology is one of the most popular departments on campus
If not, I 'd study chemistry
Academic Atmosphere
Students are competitive
But it is said that they would never sabotage another student
Always willing to lend a helping hand
Networking Opportunities
There are plenty of clubs and organizations for students to network
There 's Jaguar Jobs
Alumnae shares tips on careers and leadership
There is an Alumnae Career Network
Social Atmosphere
Located in Atlanta Georgia
Very close to home
$50 round trip if you drive
School is urban
It's near many interesting places since it's in Atlanta
School Size
2,170 students
teacher to student ratio 11:1
Classes are relatively small
30 Students or less
The is more one on one support from your professor
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There is a stereotype at the school
Ranked #1 for Historically Black Colleges
Ranked #4 for United States liberal arts colleges

Known for its academics and is considered dry when it comes to on campus parties
Is part of the AUC Consortium
SSGA is a liaison between the students and the faculty and staff
Sponsors various programs and activities
Sororities are a big deal but not too much
Some clubs include: PULSE- a club that gets students involved and promote school spirit, AUCapoeira-martial arts type of dance club and, there's always the glee club
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