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Maha El-Shimy

on 6 October 2012

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Transcript of Seminar

"Simply, We Are Different" ASSA-Assiut ANNUAL SEMINAR 2012-2013 What is ASSA? Assiut Who Are We? Students' Scientific Association Exchange Committees Summer /
Winter School SCOPE is the oldest committee in IFMSA, founded in 1951. It was the purpose IFMSA was founded for.
The purpose of SCOPE is to broaden the student’s understanding of medical & social conditions in different countries.
The Local Officer of SCOPE is called LEO (Local Exchange Officer).
Professional Exchange is a bilateral exchange program.
It’s a four weeks clerkship in the clinical or preclinical departments.
Every LC (Local Committee) has to provide accommodation & boarding.
Social program.
An IFMSA certificate is given to the student after finishing his clerkship. • Unilateral.
• Duration: 4 weeks.
• Available periods: All over except: May & June.
• Clinical Clerkship ONLY
• Departments:
1-Gynecology & Obstetrics 2-Neurosurgery
3-Paediatrics 4-Vascular Surgery
5-Ophthalmology 6-Plastic Surgery
7-Orthopedics 8-Tropical Medicine
9-General Surgery SCORE is a much newer committee, it was founded in 1991.
The local officer of SCORE is called LORE (Local Officer of Research Exchange).
It’s also a bilateral exchange program.
It’s similar to SCOPE in almost everything but the training isn’t in a certain department, it’s on a specific scientific area of the student’s choice.
In Assiut we have three projects available:
1- Neural Tube Defects (in cooperation with Paediatrics hospital).
2- Prevalence of Rheumatic Heart Diseases in case of Chronic Tonsillitis (in cooperation with Cardiology department.
3- Rigid versus Fibroptic Bronchoscopy as a tool in Interventional brochscopy Standing
Exchange Standing
Exchange 1969
12 LC Alexandria Benha Zagazig Mansoura Menoufia Assiut Qena Ain Shams Suez Canal Azhar-Cairo Cairo Ismailia "MAKE A CHANGE... GO FOR EXCHANGE" "PUBLIC HEALTH IS CONTAGIOUS, SPREAD THE WORD" SCOPH is... Standing Committee On Public Health The Standing Committee on Public Health works for a healthy society which is empowered by its knowledge, skills and opportunities to live a life of complete physical, mental and social well‐being. Our Vision Our Mission - To offer Egypt's future physicians a comprehensive introduction into the public health issues.
- To influence the public health status in Egypt. 2011 2012 2010 2011 Nov 2012 2010 2012 March Our
Projects National Local Mental Health Initiative HY5 HY5 World Diabetes Day World Diabetes Day Teddy Bear Hospital Teddy Bear Hospital Teddy Bear Hospital Teddy Bear Hospital "SHARING IS CARING" Standing Committee On Reproductive Health AIDS SCORA is... 2007 2010 2009 Our
Projects including Our Mission Our mission is such that, as an organization of future doctors which is not affiliated to any religious or political party, we will, through education, strive to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections whilst challenging the widespread violation of reproductive rights and gender inequality. We will also encourage respect of choice of sexuality and under-standing of sexuality as a whole. The vision of SCORA is a world free of HIV/AIDS and other STIs, with complete respect for every person‘s reproductive rights and choice of sexuality, and with universal gender equality. Our Vision "BETTER EDUCATION FOR SKILLFUL DOCTORS" Standing Committee On Medical Education SCOME is... SCOME aims to implement an optimal learning environment for all medical students around the world. SCOME acts as an active discussion forum for medical students interested in the different aspects of medical education in the hope of pursuing and achieving its aim Our Vision Our Mission We question that students educated in a so-called traditional curriculum are able to face the needs of healthcare in a modern society. As medical students are directly exposed to medical curricula, they should rightfully be assumed to be experts on their educational system,and should therefore have an influence on the creation of new curricula. Our
Projects 2012 2012 Feb 2012 March SCOME Chats SCOME Chats Stress Management Campaign Stress Management Campaign "PEACE... AND HUMAN RIGHTS FOR ALL!" Our Mission Our mission is to advocate and support vulnerable groups and needy people and to take an active role in charity work. We aim to improve patient-doctor relationship. We also offer a comprehensive introduction to humanitarian topics for the future doctors. Standing Committee On Human Rights SCORP is... The Standing Committee On human Rights and Peace is committed to promoting Human health care professionals we work towards empowering and improving the health of refugees people. Our Vision Our
Projects National Local & Peace 2010 2012 2011 2010 2012 2011 Our Vision Our Mission Publishing Responsibilities THINK... DESIGN... PUBLISH Our mission is to devise techniques and develop methods by which we can properly promote, market and distribute our projects, products & trademark while preserving a unified corporate identity and maintaining our copyrights SOCIAL SMILE IS THE MEDICINE... Our Vision Our Mission We aim at bringing fun into medical students life through gatherings, social events and activities that enrich the medical experience and the tough life of students. ASSA Sports' Day ASSA Welcome Campaign ASSA Closing Ceremony Conferences 2011 National AIDS Conference SCORA X-Change MR & MS BREASTESTIS – REPRODUCTIVE NEOPLASMS PREVENTION PROJECT AIDS Awareness Campaign AIDS Awareness Campaign FGM Training FGM Training Donate Blood Project Donate Blood Project Human Rights Project Human Rights Project Autism Campaign Autism Campaign Autism Training Human Rights Training Human Rights Training Human Rights Training Orphans' Day Orphans' Day Exchange in Assiut This year: Social Program Outgoings •The incoming students receive a four weeks training in Assiut University Hospital in a department (SCOPE or Summer/Winter School) or a certain project (SCORE) of his choice.
•The student accommodation is in the student hostel.
Boarding is 3 times a day in the University Central Restaurant.
•Our association is well known for its outstanding social program for exchange students for about 20 years & is one of the leading associations in this field. •Monastery of Virgin Mary •El- Moharrak monastery
•Nile cruise •Restaurants, clubs and Cafes
•Sports' day •Swimming pool
•Surprising birthday parties •Visiting bazaars
•Wedding parties •Visiting the country side
•We organize ASSA trip to the oasis.
•Plus the awesome ASSA major trip to Luxor, Aswan & Hurghada. we had 20 incomings. They were from:
•Czech republic •Turkey

•Poland •Brazil

•Austria •Mexico

•Bahrain •Croatia

•Spain •Romania •Concerning the Outgoings, we hold a marketing seminar for the available contracts.
•Students interested in travelling will apply for an “interview” and an exam.
•Students are then chosen according to the results of the interview and the exam.
Last year, we had 32 outgoings from ASSA:

•27 (SCOPE)
•5 (SCORE)
They travelled to:
•Spain •Germany •Latvia

•Turkey •Czech Republic •Denmark

•Brazil •Mexico •Romania

•Serbia •Estonia •Norway

•Greece •Croatia •Iceland

•Bahrain •Kuwait •Poland - ASSA website.
- Facebook (group & page).
- Photography, news & events.
- Publicity materials for any ASSA event.
- Video making.
- ASSA magazine & newsletter.
- Presentations. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Makhlouf
Dean Of Faculty Of Medicine Dr. Mahmoud M. Shalaby
Department Of Urology
ASSA Supervisor since 2009 Mostafa Mahmoud Abd El-Nasser
President 24 Years
Active member since 2005 Moustafa M. El-Badry
Vice President for Internal
Affairs (VPI) 22 years
6th year (old)
Active member since 2006 Ahmed Gamal Thabet
Vice President for External
Affairs (VPE) 22 years old
6 th year ( new)
Active member since 2007 Mahmoud Yehia Aly
Secretary General (Sec. Gen.) 24 years
6th year (old)
Active member since 2006 Mohamed Yassin
Local Officer on Reproductive
health incl. AIDS (LORA) 22 years
6th year (old)
Active member since 2006 Mai Salah Sabra
Local Officer on Human
Rights & Peace (LORP) 23 years
6th year (new)
Active member since 2007 Sherif M. Bekhet
Local Officer on Research
Exchange (LORE) 23 years
6 th year (old)
Active member since 2006 Mohamed El Shenawy
Local Exchange Officer (LEO) Ahmed M. Sharaf
Local Public health Officer
(LPO) Alaa A. Gneady
Local Officer on Medical
Education (LOME) 21 years
5th Grade
Active member since 2008 Moustafa T. Al Hussaini
Social Activities & Conferences
Director 22 years old
6th year (old)
Active member since 2006 Mohamed Essam El Din
Summer School Coordinator 20 years
4 th grade
Active member since 2011 Ahmed Abdelraheem
Summer School Coordinator 20 years
4th grade
Active member since 2012 Ahmed Salah El Din
Training Director 22 years
6 th year (new)
Active member since 2007 Nayyira El Nagdy
Publishing Director 20 years
4th year
Active member since 2009 21 years
3rd grade
Active member since 2009 20 years
6th grade (new)
Active member since 2011 We seek the bright and skillful members who can achieve the maximal quality in our line of work, in terms of ideas, designs, and methods, in order to best represent, promote and market our ideas and work TB Project To gain more experiences through our social gatherings and events, both on the personal and professional levels P U B L I S H TRAINING
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