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Elective History- Film Study

No description

Mariam Y

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of Elective History- Film Study

The Spanish Royal Family
Source 1 "Philip II"
Phillip was a Christian who never showed the slightest sign of love, tolerance or forgiveness
Was proud of his title of Most Catholic Majesty
Philip believed God had appointed him
Therefore every one of his actions was expression of God’s will.
Source 2 "Spanish Armada"
Elizabeth: Golden Era
Spain was the most powerful empire in the word during the reign of King Philip the second
Philip was leader of all Catholics and ruled many countries
He wanted to turn all Europe into the Catholic faith but only England stood against him which was ruled by a Protestant Queen
Philip in Real Life
Panting showed Philip with an austere face and was dressed simply in black and held a rosary in his hands
Always dressed in black because he felt uncomfortable in anything else
Looked very ordinary and simple
A desire to fit in with humanity and to not be identified as the man with supreme powers
Was cold and calculating
His plains involving Mary of Scots to assassinate Elizabeth.
Spain received secret letters from Queen Mary to assassinate Elizabeth which were all read by Walsingham.
The assassin’s gun was not loaded and Elizabeth was unharmed as it was not their plan to kill Elizabeth but to start war.
Walsingham persuaded the Queen to execute Mary for treason which lead to the Spanish Armada.
Source 1
Film clearly pointed out that the bad guys were the Catholics
But Elizabeth was bad as well
Film showed Philip always wearing black and showed that he was a bad guy through the music played and the way the actor behaved
Secondary source
Published in 2005
Book called Phillip II
Written by David Hilliam
Source 2
Secondary source
Published in 1999
Book called he Spanish Armada
Written by Collin Martin and Geoffrey Parker
Film greatly focuses on how King Philip was a devout Catholic and believed it was God’s will for the enterprise of England
Philip and his empire were very powerful
He didn't want Mary to inherit the Throne of England because she was married to a French Prince and together they would rule over France, Scotland, England and Ireland.
This meant Spain’s power would be lost.
Elizabeth took Spain’s New World riches and treasures and helped out the rebels trying to overthrow Netherlands
Was not only for religion but also to continue being most powerful and to rule most of Europe
Inaccurate part was Robert Reston, as he did not exist in real life but it would have been most likely John Ballard.
Queen Mary of Scots
Reasons why the Spanish Armada began
Reasons for the war
Queen Elizabeth I
Robert Reston in the film
Philip in the Film
Painting of Philip II in 1579
Isabella Clara Eugenia of Austria
Was 12 year old in the film during 1585 to 1588
In real life was 19-22 years old during that time
Her father planned to give her Throne of England in the film and real life

It is true that after the war Philip drove Spin in to bankruptcy as informs us in source one that he possessed fabulous riches but ruined his country’s finances.

The Spanish Royal Family Portrayed in the film Elizabeth: The Golden Era was mostly accurate
Film showed all the reasons for the Spanish Armada but only focused on one
Showed he was a devout Catholic
Portrayed his real personality and they way he looked and dressed
The inaccurate part was Isabella Clara Eugenia of Austria’s age and Robert Reston
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