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Hubba Bubba

Marketing Overview & Rationale

Matthew Campbell

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Hubba Bubba

Marketing Overview & Rationale HUBBA BUBBA • Reintroduce Hubba Bubba as the “to have” gum

• Increase market share by 3%

• Get Hubba Bubba into more stores

• Keep with gum NOT candy Marketing Strategies Previous Strategy
>Lack of Distribution
-Limited locations (store check)
>Low Visibility
- Hit or miss POSITIONING & RATIONALE Target Market Aged 12-18

Boys and Girls

Go to school Bigger the
The Better the Burst! Blow your biggest bubble today FOUR T’S

• Target – Children ages 12-18

• Task – Increase market share

• Time – Within the next 12 months

• Theme – The gum that makes the BEST bubbles Objective & Rationale • Objective:

– Increase the market share by 3% within the next
12 months

• Rationale:

– Since Hubba Bubba has a lower market share, it
must be increased in the next 12 months MAIN GOAL / STATEMENT - To get children 12-18 to perceive Hubba Bubba
as the gum that makes the best bubbles by
increasing the market share by 3% over the next
12 months. Rationale Marketing Objectives > All about the guarantee > Give Hubba Bubba a USP
> Most direct competition has a guarantee of some kind - Grade 8
- Chew gum 3-4
- Chew gum often - T.V. (101%)
-Mall (103%)
- Transit (122%) Visibility Strategy
> Simple
(window signage)
>Coca Cola Model
>Retail chains
(Macs, 711 etc.) Statements Marketing Strategy: Increase Market share by
- By increasing visibility and
vamping up on distributions Rationale: A more visible and accessible product
leads to customer satisfaction and convenience
ultimately leading to an increase in sales " We promise that you will
blow your best bubble ever,
with Hubba Bubbas best
bubble ever guarantee!" Position by Attribute /
Benefit > Make Hubba Bubba THE gum to blow bubbles. >Guarantee is tangible for the consumer Make the Bubble "COOL" > Amongst our target group 12-18 year olds

>Bubble blowing competitions at recess
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