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Major Eras in Texas History

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Jessica Slater

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Major Eras in Texas History

Natural Texas & It's People
Historians put certain events in
history into categories that have similar characteristics in order
to organize and present
information about the past.
Why do Historians
divide the past
into eras?
An era is a period of time marked by a distinctive character, events, or changes on earth.
Can anyone tell me what the term
Major Eras in Texas History
This era constitutes all of prehistory up to the point of contact with Europeans in 1528.
Age of Contact
This era includes the encounters of Cabeza de Vaca and the many expeditions over the next 150 years.
Spanish Colonial
This era includes the establishment of missions,
towns, ranches, and military posts in South,
Central, and East Texas.
Mexican National
This era deals with efforts of Mexico to populate and retain Texas from the formation of the Republic of Mexico in 1821 through the Texas Revolution in 1836.
Revolution and Republic
This era deals with the Texas Revolt against Mexico rule
which began in 1835, the establishment and affairs of an
independant Republic of Texas, and the eventual annexation
of Texas.
Early Statehood
This era deals with the impact of Texas
annexation in 1845 until its efforts to secede from
the United States in 1861.
Civil War and Reconstruction
This era deals with the reasons for seceding from the
United States in 1861, the impact of the ensuing war, and
the resulting efforts to reshape Texas following the war by the
military, federal, and state governments.
Cotton, Cattle, and Railroads
This era deals with the return of cotton driven agriculture after the Civil War in 1865.
Age of Oil
This era includes major discoveries at Spindletop, and the effects that oil revenue had on Texas society.
Texas in the Great Depression and World War II
This era included the efforts to improve the
Texas economy and the impact of the
dust bowl.
This era deals with the effects of the Great
Depression on Texas beginning in 1929 through to
the role Texas and Texans played in WWII.
Civil Rights and Conservatism (1945-1980)
This era deals with the movements for
social change and equality that began after WWII
in 1945 and continued into the 1970's.
Contemporary Texas
This era deals with the events and issues facing Texans from 1980 to present.
12 Eras
1. Natural Texas and Its People
2. Age of Contact
3. Spanish Colonial
4. Mexican National
5. Revolution and Republic
6. Early Statehood
7. Civil War and Reconstruction
8. Cotton, Cattle, and Railroads
9. Age of Oil
10. Texas in the Great Depression and WWII
11. Civil Rights and Conservatism
12. Contemporary Texas
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