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Mia Parrett

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Marketing Yourself
Resume highlights:
What you are seeking
Your "Can-Do's"
Your accomplishments
Your work history
Your education/training
Resume Layout
Order of your resume:
Summary of Qualifications
Work/Professional Experience
Professional Affiliations/Extracurricular Experience
Honors and Awards
Resume Standards
Bold the following areas: Name, Headings, Job Titles, and Degrees
Font should be simple and easy to read, no smaller than size 10, no larger than size 12
Margins should be no smaller than .7
Always proofread
Bullet points are your best friend!
No more than two pages, one page is best
Make it yours!
Resume Writing
Presented by Mia Parrett,Career Services
The purpose of a resume is to obtain an interview!
What if I have gaps in my work history?
Do all positions need to be paid work experience?
How important is the objective?
Should my education be at the beginning or towards the end?
What if I don't have a lot of experience?

Other Questions?
Common Questions
Highlight your expertise to create a compelling reason you should be hired
Grab the attention of the reader in the top third of your resume
Select strong action words and concise phrases
If there is no definite purpose for something, leave it out
Focus on key skills and measurable accomplishments
Target your resume toward what is important to the company through the posting or your own research
Surviving the "Ten-Second Scan"
The Cover Letter
Should accompany your resume
Brief and to the point
Shows how well you can write and express yourself
serves as a window into your personality
Entices the reader to read more (and look at your resume!)
Is a snippet in paragraph form of your resume and skills

#1 Don't overuse "I"
#2 Don't use a weak opening (ex: Please consider me for ___ position)
#3 Don't give away all your secrets!
#4 Don't make it too long
#5 Don't repeat your resume word for word
#6 Don't be vague
#7 Don't forget to customize
#8 Don't end on a passive note (not future-defining
#9 Don't be arrogant or rude, and sign the letter!

Online Dating Pages
Mug Shots

your online image is an image too!
The End!

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