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New gIMM Presentation

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Julio Consola

on 31 December 2012

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Transcript of New gIMM Presentation

The Challenge Automotive Supply Chains are the world most demanding.

To be a valid player you need to ensure:
Just-in-time and just-in-sequence delivery
Traceability and error-proof production
Minimum stock level and maximum warehouse optimization Automotive Excellence Manufacturing Execution Systems MES solutions from T-Systems: gIMM gIMM is an own-developped T-Systems product.

Quick Facts:
15 years experience
Serving 19 brands in 59 car factories
Controlling 65 suppliers from 154 factories
+170 production lines
Located in 16 countries
24x7 highly skilled support team, 5 languages The Solution gIMM is made of 3 main components:

gIMM PROCS for production control and traceability
gIMM LINCS for JIT/JIS delivery synchronization
gIMM STOCS for warehouse control LINCS PROCS STOCS gIMM Components Synchronization Management
Embeded EDI Integration Process
Data Transcoding Process
Container Management Process
JIT Reception
Production Follow-up
Container Process
Cargo Management Process
Shop-floor Monitoring and alert
Shipping Quality Process
JIT Warehouse Process
Production Control & Traceability
ERP BOM/ Routing integration
PLC's Communication and Control
Error-proof (poka-yoke) techniques
Pick-to-light, pick-by-voice, ring-scanner
Traceability and genealogy storage and reports
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