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Welcome to 1st Grade

All the information you and your child need to know for a successful year!!

Laura Hanson

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to 1st Grade

Tonight's Agenda
Daily Schedule
Daily Schedule
7:45-8:00 Morning Work/Calendar
8:00-9:15 Math
9:00 Snack
9:15-10:55 Reading/Writing Workshops
10:55-11:30 Lunch
11:30-12:00 Recess
12:00-12:30 Flight Time
12:30- 1:20 Science/Social Studies
1:20-1:45 Read Aloud/Pack up
1:45-2:35 Special Areas (music, art, pe)
2:35-2:45 Good-bye
Times may vary per teacher

Academics/ Special Areas
Please come in and find a seat.
Science and Social Studies

Concepts we cover:
Science Notebooks
Science Lab discoveries using the scientific process
-Science Safety
-Matter and Energy
-Force, Motion and Energy
-Rocks and Soil
-Water and Natural Resources
-Weather and Seasons
-Objects in the Sky
-Basic Needs of Animals and Plants
-Life Cycles of Plants and Animals
Social Studies
In Science and Social Studies we use integrated and engaging lessons. We use technology, science lab and our entire school to help teach the concepts covered in both areas.
Concepts we cover:
-Rules and Laws
-Holidays and Customs
-Important Historical Figures
-Needs and Wants
-Goods and Services
In Math, we provide many hands-on lessons. The students take control of their own learning by using different tools and strategies taught throughout the year.
Concepts we cover:
Problem solving
Picture and bar-type graphs
Time to the hour and half-hour
Compare and order numbers to 120
Patterns with numbers and objects
Identify coins and their value and count a collection of coins
Addition and subtraction facts to 18
Estimate and measure length using nonstandard units
Compare and order length, area, and temperature
Geometry concepts
Fractional parts
Students participate daily in a Reading Workshop which consists of mini lessons of reading and comprehension strategies within a variety of genres. Students also read independently, with partners and in small groups. Students participate daily in a Writing Workshop which consists of mini lessons of writing traits and skills within a variety of genres.
Reading and Writing
Concepts we cover:
Strategy groups
Flexible groups
Shared reading
Guided reading
Read to self
Read to someone
Listening to reading
Concepts we cover:
Write to
Independent writing
Guided writing
Conventions (punctuation, capitalization, spelling)
Word Choice
Sentence Fluency
We use Words Their Way to improve students literacy skills.
Words Their Way is an instructional approach providing an integrated way to teach phonics, vocabulary, and spelling.
Students are pre-assessed, teachers analyze their strengths and errors and place them into groups based on their instructional level.
Word Study encourages active exploration and examination of word features that are within a students' stage of literacy.
Students use higher level thinking skills (such as comparing and contrasting) to sort words/pictures into different categories, looking at word features and discovering consistencies.
Word Study
Daily Schedule
Academics/Special Areas
Brushy Creek Expectations
Classroom Incentives & Norms

Books will be sent home every night and should be returned daily. Students should read for 20 minutes and additional homework may be assigned for different readings.

A homework page will be sent home on Mondays and is to be completed by Friday. The problems will be a combination of skills we are working on and problem solving.
Enrichment - please encourage your child to participate in the Math Superstars program.
Please read with your children and sign the reading logs every night.

The behavior calendar will need to be initialed by the parents.

You can find both of these items in your child's take home folder/binder.
Mrs. Wakefield
Mrs. Jarmusch
Ms. Cedeno
Mrs. Wallace
Mrs. Choate
Ms. Flynn
Lunch Cards
Used to purchase lunch, milk, snacks, ice cream (Fridays only). Also used to check out Library Books.

$5.00 to replace

WIll be used through 5th grade.
We love to celebrate birthdays! Here's how you can help it go smoothly on your child's special day.
To celebrate:
Send in a treat during Recess time (11:30).
Have enough for the whole class (email your child's teacher ahead of time to find out this information).
Please provide plates/napkins for each student.
Healthy treats are always a wonderful alternative.
Treats may not be given during lunch time in the cafeteria.
We have snack everyday around 9:00. Please send a HEALTHY, easy to eat snack with your child so that they may stay fueled and ready to learn.
We ask that you do not send any snacks containing peanuts due to students with severe peanut allergies.

Snack ideas:
Brushy Creek Expectations
Brushy Creek Expectations
On BCE website's homepage, look on the righthand side and click on Report an absence. Parents need to send a note about why the student was absent on the very first day back to school if you didn't report it on the school's website. If you know that your child is going to be absent please let our registrar know ahead of time.
Students must be in their classroom, ready to learn, at 7:45am. If a student arrives after 8:00am they must report to the office with their parent.
If there is a dismissal change, you can go to the BCE website and click and the righthand side Transportation Change Request. If it is at the end of the day, let the office know. They will relay the message to your child's teacher. It is always a good idea to let your child's teacher know as well.

Please do not email or call the teacher first. They might not get the information in time.
Words we live by
Classroom Incentives & Norms
1st Grade Expectations
Classroom Incentives & Norms
Respect peers, adults and school property.
Strives for quality work.
Follows directions, uses time wisely, on task.
Appropriate behavior in all areas of the school (hallway, restroom, cafeteria, recess).
Homework turned in on time.
Each student has a behavior calendar in their take home folder/binder. Their behavior for the day will be indicated on the date. If there is a number written, it correlates with the behavior that your child struggled with that day (the key is located under the calendar).
Each classroom has a reward system in place.
Quarterly assessments are done on all students.
Report cards are sent home at the end of every nine week period.
Your child is graded using Round Rock standards. Please check the RRISD website to see a sample report card.
Contact Information
Ms. Bishop
Contact Information
(512) 428-3034
Mrs. McBride
(512) 428-3035
Mrs. Miburn
(512) 428-3032
Mrs. Wilson
(512) 428-3039
Mrs. Upshaw
(512) 428-3038
We are available between 1:50-2:30 while the kids are at specials.
We have team meetings on Mondays and Thursdays during this time.
Please write your questions on a sticky note. We will happily answer them on our 1st Grade websites.

Thanks for coming! Have a great night!
Computer Lab
Additional Activities
Each class visits the computer lab frequently.
We work on all academic areas in the lab.
Each week we have a set time and day to go to the library. Please check with your child's teacher's schedule.
Children will be able to go to the library as needed.
If a book is lost or damaged, then it must be paid for.
1st Grade Rocks
1st Grade Mission
Every member of the first grade community will work together to ensure students achieve measurable growth in a safe and supportive environment. We are better together.
What is PBL?
In Project Based Learning (PBL), students go through an extended process of inquiry in response to a complex question, problem, or challenge (called a Driving Question).

How is PBL implemented?
Two (one in the Fall, one in the Spring) rigorous projects are carefully planned, managed, and assessed to help students learn specific TEKS; incorporate student voice and choice; embrace processes of revision and reflection; create high-quality, authentic products and presentations that involve interaction and support from a public audience through the practice of 21st Century Skills that include
 collaboration,
 communication,
 critical thinking, and
 problem solving.
PBL in 1st Grade
-Cool with School Rules
An in-depth look into why certain rules are made and followed.
-Full Tummies
They will learn to make a difference in the world by raising an awareness of childhood hunger in our community.

MIDI for Kids is an after-school music program offered here at Brushy Creek!
If you are interested in piano lessons (1st – 5th grades) or guitar lessons (4th-5th), stop by the music room tonight after your session.
Mrs. Rybczynski and Mr. Landrum will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Are you interested in After School Music lessons?

Playing games/Movement
Improvising text, rhythm, and melody
Reading/writing rhythmic and melodic notation
Playing Percussion Instruments (All grades)
Playing Recorders (3rd, 4th, 5th grade)
Playing Guitar (4th and 5th grades)
Grade-level Performances

We ‘actively’ learn through the following activities

The goal of elementary music at Brushy Creek is to develop the skills of sight-reading, dictation, musical memory, rhythmic reading, formal analysis, part singing, and improvisation in your children.

Students are exposed to a variety of musical styles and genres including classical, opera, folk, jazz, spirituals, rock, and multicultural music.

Mission For Music

Check the PE website for information!


PE Superstars
Marathon Kids
Football Friday
Running Club
Family Fitness Night
Turkey Trot
Go Food Tickets
Field Day

Special Events

Physical Education

PE is Awesome……
and even better if you:
remember your water bottle and tennis shoes!
**girls don’t forget shorts under your skirts.

Family Art Night will be coming in the Spring. We hope that you and your children will be able to attend!

Miss Cowart &
Miss Story

Hand sewing and machine sewing

The art program at Brushy Creek Elementary gives students the opportunity to express themselves using a variety of materials in a hands-on learning environment. We explore various techniques, artists, and cultures, as well as learn how to create our own unique pieces of artwork.

Thank You!

There is a Feather Our Nest table in the hallway by the cafeteria if you would like to donate this evening or if you have any questions.



Email: fon@brushycreekpta.com

Feather Our Nest runs Sept. 9th – Oct. 17th
How Can You Help?

Our Goals: $20,000 & 100% Participation

ANY amount helps the overall goal!

To Donate:
Look for the bright YELLOW envelope in this week’s Tuesday Folder; Fill out the Donation Form and send in with your child OR go online to make donation by credit card.

Instructions can be found at the FON Website:

Employer Matching raised over 35% of the
funds in last year’s campaign!


What is
Feather Our Nest? (FON)


PTA’s Support at BCE

Some highlights of items paid for by BCE PTA this year:

Classroom Support and Supplies: $20,056
(Including $100 per teacher for spending for their classroom)
Educational Enrichment & Presentations
(Geography Man, Clubs, ICD, etc.): $20,538
Library -- $9,800
At-Risk Student Success Programs -- $3,085
Field Trips -- $8,781
Literacy Library -- $3,500
Technology -- $3,785
Character Development Programs -- $2,500
Campus Improvement & Beautification: $5,694


Sept. 9th – Oct. 17th

How you can support BCE
And why it’s so important


PTA Funds over $100 per student
for items such as:

Math enrichment programs/games
Workroom supplies
PE supplies
Teacher supply reimbursements
Int’l Children’s Day
At-risk student success programs
WATCH D.O.G.S. program
Beautification of school grounds

Technology purchases and upgrades
Computers and software
Interactive SMART/Promethean Boards
Library books and instructional magazines
Field trip expenses
Classroom equipment and supplies
Science supplies
Literacy Library

Why do we need FON?


RRISD spends $88 per student
(for items other than staff salaries and building costs)

BCE PTA spends over $100 per student

Many items are not paid for by the school district and have to be supplemented by BCE PTA to keep our school up to date.

Why do we need FON?

BCE PTA’s Annual Fundraiser to replace all sales-based fundraisers (cookie dough, gift wrap, etc.) There is NOTHING to sell.

100% of your donation goes directly to the PTA and stays at BCE.

All Donations are 100% Tax Deductible
and eligible for Employer Matching
where available.
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