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steven said

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of 06_02_WH_Steven_Said

Steven Said 06.02 The Industrial Revolution:
Assessment The Growth Of Railroads Positive Effects of the Railroads The first railroads were an offspring of the steam engine. Railroads grew and helped manufactures a cheap and effective way of transporting goods. It also provided many jobs for both the railroad workers and the miners who mined the coal for the engines to run. Some positive effects of the railroads are that they provided many jobs such as jobs on the railroad, mining and agriculture and many other industries expanded due to the fast that they could ship their goods faster via railroad. Travel also boomed because now any type of traveling on land became faster via the railroad. Why were Railroads made? Negative Effects of the Railroads Railroads today Steam engine locomotives were made because of the need for transportation, the steam boat was created before this but locomotives were more effective because they could move on land where steam boats could not. Some negative effects of the railroads would be pollution, due to the new invention and the use of it and the burning of the coal to heat up the water to create steam pollution would be a negative effect. Also railroad due to the need of tracks caused many wars between the settlers and the natives because of the settlers wanting to cross native lands. Today railroads have been greatly improved, they now have electric powered railroads and trains and trains are now used for everything from transportation to shipping goods. They have come along way since the steam engine locomotives.
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