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One for the Murphys.

No description

Soriyah Serieaux

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of One for the Murphys.

by: Lynda Mullaly Hunt
One For The Murphy's
Main Characters
-Carley Connors
-Julie Murphy (Mrs. Murphy)
-Michael Eric
-Jack Murphy (Mr.Murphy)
Carley Connors- foster child.
Julie Murphy (Mrs. Murphy)- foster mother.
Daniel- foster brother.
Michael Eric- foster brother.
Jack Murphy (Mr.Murphy)- foster father.
Toni- Carley's new bestfriend.
"One for the Murphys" by Lynda Mullaly Hunt is about a girl, Carley Connors, who grew up in Vegas with her very loving mother until the day she experiences a betrayal from her. Ever since, Carley has ended up in foster care with the Murphys. She feels unwelcome, like it isn't where shes supposed to be until Mrs.Murphy and her boys make her feel like shes one of them. Then she gets tragic news from her mother. Should she stay with the Murphys or go back with her mother?
Main Idea
I think the main idea of this book is to always believe in yourself. I think this because when Carley first moved in with the Murphys, she thought she didn't belong with them because they were to "good" for her. She also didn't believe in herself to do the normal things she'd do when she was with her mom because her original home wasn't as "good" as the Murphys home. If you believe in yourself to change and to do better, things will workout.
My Evaluation
I think this book was okay. It had a very strong message and it makes you put yourself in someone else's shoes. When Carley ends up in foster care, she talks about the struggles of being away from your biological family. It made me think about how I would feel if I was in Carley's position. Thinking about that made me more tied into the story and made me want to read more. One reason I'd change about doing this book from my presentation is because it didn't that have that strong of content which made it really easy for me to read.
My Connection
I can connect to this book in one major way. In the beginning of the book, Carley always felt left out from Mrs. Murphys sons (her foster brothers) because she felt that Mrs. Murphy loved them more than her and that they got more advantages than she does. Even though I live with my biological parents, sometimes I feel that my parents let my brother get away with more things. Even though hes older then me, he doesn't end up doing anything while I have to clean.
I'd suggest this book to people in grade 5 and older. I say this because it has a very good moral and main idea to the book that anyone could learn from, but the content wasn't that challenging.
Hope you enjoyed my presentation!
By: Soriyah Serieaux
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