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TUI Graduate Programme personal SWOT analysis - Li Su

No description

Li Su

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of TUI Graduate Programme personal SWOT analysis - Li Su

i. International background & experiences
Born and raised in Chengdu, China
4 years in Ohio, USA
6 months in Berlin, Germany
3.5 years in Barcelona, Spain (current)
3 months in Los Angeles, USA
Language skills
English (Full proficiency)
Spanish (Conversational)
Communication skills with intercultural sensibility
As Peer International Student Adviser for 3 years at Denison University, I offered assistance and advice to the international student community consisting of more than 45 nationalities, and encouraged effective communication between students, advisers, and the school administration.
In every new place I moved to, I took initiative to familiarize with its culture and customs by spending time with locals as well as seeking advice from other expats, which allowed me to adapt more quickly and stay open-minded.
Adaptability and an open mind!
ii. Team player
At Arcadia Motion Pictures, working closely as a team with my colleagues in Finance and Post-Production, I successfully prepared our attendance at the 2014 Berlin Film Festival and European Film Market.
iii. Leadership
Recipient of Distinguished Leadership Award of Class of 2012 at Denison University
President of Denison Taekwondo Club (2009-2011)
Director of HR of e-Joventut, ESADE's junior consulting club (2011-2012)
iv. Motivation & entrepreneurial spirit

Co-founded RISK BCN, a premium streetwear brand influenced by minimalism and Mediterranean designs, to launch its first collection in June 2015
v. Commercial experience & customer orientation
As Sales & Business Affairs at Arcadia Motion Pictures, I managed 60+ distributors worldwide and built trusting relationships.
vi. Learning & analytical skills
Scored 770/800 in GMAT (99% percentile) after 2 weeks of preparation
Completed highly analytical works during studies, i.e. an interdisciplinary thesis on the success of the film,
King Kong

, pulling data and combining theories in cinematic studies, economics, and psychoanalysis.
Mandarin Chinese (Native)
TUI Group International Graduate Leadership Programme
Personal SWOT analysis exercise
Li Su
Feb 2015
i. No experience in the travel & tourism industry
My previous experiences do not include this specific industry, which has put me in an unfavorable position in comparison to other experienced candidates.
ii. Occasional self-doubt can be counter-productive
There have been cases during group work where I opened up to discussion on alternate solutions, resulting in a worse outcome than if I had insisted on my standpoint.
I intend to seek a balance between taking a strong stand and accepting others' opinions.
iii. Can become irritated when constantly disturbed and pushed
When I work towards a deadline, I find myself less productive when I am urged constantly than when given space and trust in completing the work on time.
iv. Not the best at taking note while listening!
For me taking many notes during meetings does more harm than good, so I keep my notes to a minimum.
i. Joining TUI Group would provide me with
hands-on experience
in the industry as well as unparalleled
international exposure
ii. Cross-departmental training would allow for my comprehensive
understanding of the business
and discovery of my
area(s) of passion

iii. Further improvement of my Spanish could provide me with a most
valuable language skill set
(English, Chinese, and Spanish) in a global business environment.
iv. Working on the RISK BCN project this Spring/Summer will substantially improve my knowledge in
e-commerce, social media, import/export, and taxation
i. Constantly mobilizing expands my professional network, but may provide challenges in personal aspects (i.e. maintaining a relationship or a stable social circle).
ii. A difficult economy and competition in the job market may limit my employment opportunities.
iii. Economic uncertainty and the drastic depreciation of euro makes it less appealing than before for me to seek employment in Europe instead of in China.
Thank you for your consideration!
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