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Official Prezi Sharing Tutorial

The official guide to sharing your prezis

Prezi David Hooker

on 5 December 2018

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Transcript of Official Prezi Sharing Tutorial

When you embed a prezi, people can view it without leaving your website or blog.
To understand how sharing works, let's take a look at Prezi's privacy settings.
Whenever you press the share button, you'll see these privacy settings.
are publicly viewable and listed on the Explore page.

Other prezi users are able to make their own editable copy.

On this license, all your prezis are by default reusable.
Reusable prezis
Your privacy options depend on what kind of Prezi License you're using.
Use the slider to control the privacy level of your prezi.
(This includes Edu licenses!)
are not listed on the Explore page and are not indexed by search engines.

Prezis are viewable to other Prezi users with a link.

On paid licenses, all your prezis are Hidden by default
Hidden prezis
You can change your privacy settings at any time by pressing the share button.
Prezi page
Your Prezi Library
The easiest way to share is by email from the sharing window.
Enter the email address of the person you want to share your prezi with.
Select from the drop down menu whether you want to add them as a viewer or editor.
For more information about adding editors, see our collaboration tutorial:
Adding someone by email ensures they have permission to access your prezi from their Prezi Library even if you change the prezi's privacy setting.
From here, you can hover the mouse over your prezi to reveal the share button.
At any time while editing, you can press the share button in the top right-hand corner of the editor.
You can also share your prezi by embedding it into your website or blog.
If you don't want to use the inbuilt prezi sharing options, you can simply use the URL.
Let's select viewer.
Your recipient will receive an email with a link to the prezi.
There are so many ways to share a prezi.
These are the options offered within prezi,
now let's look at some ways to share outside of prezi.

This link only works for hidden, public and reusable prezis.
For private prezis you must use the inbuilt email option.
The embed window gives you a few options to customize how your prezi will appear.
For blogs provided by a third party service, you might want to check out this post on our company blog.
Private prezis
are not listed on the Explore page and are not indexed by search engines.

Private prezis can't be viewed with a link - you need to be added to the prezi by email.
You can set the frame size to specify how big the prezi will be.
You can also specify whether users can only follow your path, or whether then can pan and zoom freely.
Now you can copy the HMTL code that appears and paste it into your website or blog.
Now try it yourself!
Your Prezi Library
Prezi Page
Allowing others to reuse your prezi means that they can use your inspiring content to help them spread your ideas all over the world.
are publicly viewable and listed on the Explore page.

Unchecking this box means others can't reuse.
Public prezis
Any time you want to share a prezi, this button is your best friend.
Sharing not only let's people see your prezi, it also allows you to present remotely and collaborate in the same space.
Why share?
You can find the share button in several places.
For more information, check out our collaboration tutorial.
Click to go
full screen
Click to advance to the
next step
Click to
: Official Prezi Sharing
This is John's public profile.
His public and reusable prezis show up here and also on the Prezi Explore page.
If the email address you add isn't registered with a Prezi account, the email will still be delivered.
If the email address is registered with a prezi account, you'll see the person's name added.
From here, you can hover over a name to see its email address and whether they are a viewer or editor.
From the drop down menu on the right, you can change whether they are an editor or viewer, or remove them from the prezi.
You can find the share button on the prezi page.
On this page, you can also hover over the top right corner of the prezi to reveal an additional share icon.
Clicking on this will reveal additional sharing options, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
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