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Effect of Acidity to Germination of Seed

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Min Joo Kim

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Effect of Acidity to Germination of Seed

Objective #1
Safety Considerations
The hydrochloric acid has the capability of eating through weak plastics and skin. This can cause rashes and burns to the skin when come into contact.
The acidity of the hydrochloric acid causes it to release a potent smell in the surrounding area. The smell is bad to health meaning that the cap should be instantaneously replace back to the bottle containing the HCl.
One should wear gloves or protective clothing in the case hydrochloric acid does spill.

Experimental Procedure
1. Make abundant solutions of acid

2. Add the peas into the petri dish with the paper towels

3. fill the petri dish halfway with each designated solution

4. Store the petri dishes

5. Check everyday and record the number of beans sprouted per day

Theory & Objectives
Quantitative data
Calculating the pH of the solutions:
1 drop of HCl = 0.05 mL
HCl is 1 Molarity so each solution of 50 mL of tap water has 0.05 moles of HCl
-> 0.0025 moles per Liter
HCl is a strong acid that completely dissociates so the result is 0.0025 moles of hydrogen ions
(=2.5 * 10^-3 moles)
--> 2.6 pH

The rest of the pH values go as follows: 2.3, 2.12, and 2

Qualitative Data
1. The higher the acidity the more sour the smell.
2. The more acidic the solution the more condensation there was on the petri dish lid.
3. The higher the acidity of the solution the slimier the peas felt
4. The sprouts for the solution with 1 drop of HCl were the longest, tap water being 2nd longest.
After Experiment
Error Analysis & Conclusion
Effect of Acidity to Germination of Seed

Before Experiment
Figure out if the increasing concentration of H plus ions affects the rate of germination
Objective #2
How much growth is hindered or increased (if so) for every lower PH level
Objective #3
Figure out whether or not this can be applicable to our daily lives
We predict that the acidity of water will hinder the process of seed germination more and more as it decreases in pH value.

Research Question: Does the acidity of the water effect the germination of the seed?
Candice A. Shoemaker and William H. Carlson
Department of Horticulture, Michigan State University
pH Affects Seed Germination of Eight Bedding Plant Species
Seeds of eight commonly grown plant species were germinated at pH values from 4.5 to 7.5 at 0.5 increments.

Error Analysis

The solution constantly evaporated (solutions had to be constantly remade)

For Future Experiments
At Specific pHs
at a longer period, with more trials
alkaline solutions to fully see whether it is the neutral solution or a base solution best fit
with other seeds

The data collected shows that our hypothesis/research question was correct.
Equation: -2.3X + 10.2
This can be connected to our daily lives as acid rain affects the germination of seeds in soil. The seeds that come into contact of acidic rain do not grow as much as if the plants were to come into contact with natural clean rain water.
Acidic Scarification
Thank you!
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