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1984 vs Brave New World

No description

Anastasia Romanova

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of 1984 vs Brave New World

1984 vs Brave New World
by George Orwell
Brave New World
by Aldous Huxley
Set in 1984.
London, England (Airstrip One)
Superstate of Oceania
In a constant war with two other superpowers: Eurasia and Eastasia
Living Conditions are poor. Buildings-in ruins, food-rationed out, wages-low.
Total Government Surveillance and Oppresion
Inner Party has better living conditions than Outer Party
Proles leave in poverty.
Set many decades in the future.
Year: A.F 632 ( "After Ford")
Also takes place in London, England.
Population is unified under The World State
The Savage Reservation is located in New Mexico.
Living conditions are dependent on which caste you are a part of.
The higher you are up, the better your life is.
Everyone is tranquilly happy. Docile population.
The Party controls everything
Constant Surveillance
Brave New World
Control over appearances,interests, thoughts
Loss of Individuality
Mindless adherents of Party's ideology
It is hard to break a person, but not impossible
Brave New World
Group Identity> Individual
Everyone is just a piece of puzzle
Fact: 2+2=4

But if The Party says so,
it can be 3 or 5.
Brave New World
Happiness > Truth&Freedom
In both books the authors take readers into a very believable dystopia. Even though the moods are on the opposite ends of the spectrum, the loss of humanity is inevitable.
Each author is hinting at the destruction of humanity in the near future if the majority of people become apathetic.Not only the rights and freedoms will be stripped, but even the act of conscious thinking will be eliminated
Observation: peace through pleasure is much simpler way of providing stability to a nation than fear due to the fact that people will willingly give up their individual rights and freedoms for the sake of a worry-free society,
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