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Favorite Animal

No description

Meagan Gliebe

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Favorite Animal

Monarch Butterflies Growth 2. Caterpillar Behavior Migration Mexico areas Food Larvae Predators Monarchs are poisonous to most vertebrae Danaus plexippus:
Endangered? Man-made events

Global Warming effects:
Mexico now wetter during winter, freezing wings
Summer warmer, slowing down beginning of migration Meagan Gliebe, Per 1 Habitat 3. Cocoon 4. Monarch Butterfly 1. Egg Mexico Birth grounds Travel in packs Monarchs are cold-blooded, so during the winter they migrate Monarch Adults Milkweed Nectar Water Cardenolides Potency depends on how strong of a milkweed it ate as a larvae. Birds Mice Insects Parasites In Packs They are often seen traveling in groups of dozens and hundreds. Flying with Style Soar on air currents like birds.
Saves energy
wind carries them to their location Throughout North America Winter Summer Also found in other locations, likely due to:
spread of milkweed
Introduction to area
By wayward air currents Resting When resting, Monarchs rest in trees such as: Fir Oyamel Eucalyptus Most of a butterfly's energy comes from the food it ate as a larvae. But caterpillars don't eat everything in sight Causes Current Protection Mexico:
Laws to prevent further destruction of Oyamel Trees and winter grounds Canada:
Laws to protect areas for monarch habitats What can YOU do? Become an advocate for wild life through programs including: http://www.defenders.org/monarch-butterfly/what-you-can-do Defenders of Wildlife Federation Live Monarch Foundation http://www.livemonarch.org/ ...A World without Monarchs is colorless: Protect the Monarchs Take a look in the looking glass, and you will see... United States:
NO habitat protection laws
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