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Louise Söderberg

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

England AV: Louise Söderberg, Julia Borgsten,
Lotta Forsman & Johanna Billberg History Culture Sport Food Language Inhabitants and Land They have been a part of... The Nation Location Landscape and Climate Facts Geography Area: 130,423km ²
Population: 51 million
Capital: London, 12 million inhabitants
Language: English
Value: Pound
1973 EU
National day 23 April
Big cities: London, Birmingham, Manchester Lowland
Green because of rain
Beautiful landscape
Highland in the north
Thames, 346 km
Temperate climate
Affected by the surrounding sea
Precipitation and wind Conquests and invasions
Around the 11th century
Battle of Hastings 1066 First settlers 500 000 years ago
100 000 years later marks is common
Part of the European main land until around 6000 BC
Changing history in leader and who lived there
Scandinavia, Denmark
Rom The first world war
The second world war
The industrial revolution Every new conquest gave a change
Vikings (Scandinavia)
You can see similarities today Most popular
- Rugby, Cricket and Football
Premier League
- Since 1992
Popular individual sports
- Tennis, Golf, Athletics, Motor Sport and Horse riding
Important competitions
- Wimbledon, Grand National, London Marathon, The Open Championship (British Open) and The Ashes
The Olympics 2012
- Third time in London Mostly the same as in Sweden
Common food
- Pies, Puddings, Afternoon tea, Indian food and Fish & Chips
Afternoon tea
- sliced sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, cookies and pastries
- Popular in the 19th century Famous People The Beatles John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr
Liverpool 1960
Famous songs
- Love Me Do,
-All You Need Is Love
-Here Comes the Sun Coldplay Formed 1996
Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman and Will Champion
Parachutes in 2000
Famous songs
- Yellow
- Viva La Vida
- Every Teardrop Is a
Waterfall David Beckham One of the most famous football players
Born 1975
Manchester United 1993
Titles The Typical Way To Speak
British English British English Many different accents
Where you live matters
Three classes of English
- Upper class or RP
- Middle class
- Working class Common Things To
Think About Emphasize the vowels
Doesn’t roll their Rs
A in father “Arh” - Southern England and in upper class
U = 'ew'
- ex. Stewpid not Stoopid
T not D
G emphasizes strongly in the suffix ing
Some accents not T at all
- ex. Button --> Bu-on Common Things To
Think About H important
- ex. Herb not Erb
ee sound in
- ex. bean --> been, not bin as in American English
two or more vowels together may need an extra syllable
- ex. Road --> rohd Society Political System Constitutional monarchy
Parliamentary system
There haven't been an government since 1770
Acts of Union
Joined the Kingdom of Great Britain Queen Elizabeth || Today England has a shared Queen together with the rest of Great Britain and in total 16 independent states THE END
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