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Regular Verbs (Present Tense)

A presentation of the present tense conjugation of regular verbs in Spanish.

Rob Doyle

on 26 November 2011

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Transcript of Regular Verbs (Present Tense)

Regular Verbs
Steps for Conjugation
-AR Verbs
Present Tense
Still don't get it?
Check this out!
1. Find the subject
Verbs must be changed to match the subject.
But how? Depends on the type of verb...
Do this first! If there's no subject,
your job is done! Knowing the subject
determines where we go next.
2. Chop off the ending
Take of the ending completely,
or else you will end up with
something else.
3. Add the new ending
The new ending is determined by
the subject... hence the importance
of step #1
Yo bailo
add the following endings to the stem
of a verb. i.e. Bailar => Bail-
Tú bailas
Pablo baila
Nosotros bailamos
Ellos bailan
-ER/-IR Verbs
Yo como / Yo vivo
add the following endings to the stem of a verb.
i.e. Comer => Com-
i.e. Vivir => Viv-
Tú comes / Tú vives
Pablo come / Pablo vive
Nosotros comemos /
Nosotros vivimos
Ellos comen / Ellos viven
Don't forget:
Be sure to conjugate your verbs!
If you to not conjugate your verb,
you to sound dumb!
Happy conjugating!
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