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Brandon Sangston - The Hero's Journey: Jack The Giant Slayer

No description

Brandon Sangston

on 29 August 2016

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Transcript of Brandon Sangston - The Hero's Journey: Jack The Giant Slayer

The Hero's Journey
Brandon Sangston

Jack The Giant Slayer
Jack's father used to read him 'legends' about giants as a boy and gives him a small story book about them that he carries throughout his adventure
Fast-forward to Jack's late teens, where his father has died and his stingy uncle is his guardian
He sends Jack off to town to sell a horse, where a monk presents him with 'magic beans' and takes off with the horse.
When the King finds out his daughter has been swept away by a leviathan beanstalk, he sends of a small team of his best men who serve as a guide to Jack, who at this point was just a farm boy
His main source of guidance is Elmont, the head of the royal guard
Jack literally crosses into a mysterious and unknown world as he climbs an enormous magical beanstalk that reaches to a sky land filled with giants
This giants are not particularly pleased with Jack's presence
Crossing the Threshold
Jack and the princess fall in love and later actually do get married and have children
Sacred Marriage
When Jack and the princess make their way back down the beanstalk, they find themselves home again, but they certainly are not safe
Jack probably doesn't FEEL truly at home until the last scene where he is reading stories to his children
Crossing the Return Threshold
Call to Adventure
Refusal of the Call
The refusal comes in a slightly different form than a traditional hero's journey -- Jack just doesn't think anything of the beans and his uncle is furious because he believes that Jack has just given away their horse for a few leguminous crops
Answering the Call
The answer to the call is actually due to Jack's uncle, who in a fit of rage, throws the beans on the floor, where one lone bean slips through a crack and lands in a puddle
It turns out that whenever these beans make contact with water, the sprout enormous beanstalks that connect Earth with the sky land of the giants
When this enormous beanstalk sprouts from underneath Jack's house, it is bound and determined to take the house with it, where the Princess just so happens to be hiding out (she has a thirst for adventure and freedom from her overprotective and controlling father)
There are two possible notable talisman's in "Jack the Giant Slayer"
His book of legends about giants that his father gave him -- gives it to the princess as a token of his loooove
His locket, presumably belonging to his deceased father or mother -- he keeps a magic bean inside that he uses to kill the "king" of the giants by dropping it into his stomach
Along with the royal guard helping him fight the giants, the princess serves as Jack's love interest and only friend really
Road of Trials
Jack faces many challenges on his journey, including fear of the unknown, being in over his head, and oh yeah...FREAKING GIANTS
Meeting the Princess
When the princess unexpectedly drops by Jack's house in disguise, he becomes enamored with her beautiful appearance AND personality
Jack's new big crush is taken hostage by a gargantuan plant and is then kidnapped again by giants
Night Journey
Jack and the princess descend the beanstalk at night after being rescued. They are racing for their lives because the king's men have decided to cut the beanstalk down to protect the kingdom from giants
Dragon Battle
Jack faces off against many giants, but the most ferocious is the giant chieftain with two heads that Jack fights in the final battle
Atonement with the Father
After everything is said and done, Jack essentially becomes his father. The movie ends with him reading the same story to his children that his father did the beginning
After defeating the giants and sending them back from whence they came, Jack is praised as a hero and is given the King's blessing to marry his daughter, and then he himself eventually becomes king
Ultimate Boon
The key to Jack's victory is a sacred crown that controls the giants. After defeating the two headed giant, Jack takes the crown and sends the giants back. The crown is that built upon to become his crown as king when he marries the princess.
The giant's unexpectedly invade the kingdom after everyone believes the worst is over and come barreling after Jack and the rest of the king's army on horseback. It's a pretty awesome scene.
Rescue from Without
While facing the two-headed giant, he is about to be eaten alive, but drops a magic bean into the giant's mouth that he placed in his locket much earlier in the movie. The beanstalk then grows inside the giant and absolutely destroys him
Master of Two Worlds
Jack literally becomes king in both worlds. He marries the princess (soon to be queen) and wears the crown that controls the giants.
He also conquers the hierarchies within his world. He is a farm boy who became king.
Freedom To Live
Jack becomes completely content in the end. He lived for adventure, and had found it. Now he gets to share it with his children with the woman he lives AND he is literally king of two different kingdoms -- a happy ending to say the least.
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