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I Heart Emoji <3

No description

Hannah Wilson

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of I Heart Emoji <3

I Heart Emoji Hannah Wilson They say a picture is worth 1,000 words ... BOOM EMOJI ! "Like poetry, texting is a
medium whose power
can come from its
limitations." Throughout her article, Goldfield uses her language and examples as clay to sculpt her ultimate message that Emojis within text messages exists on a personal level. " What is texting? " -Hannah Goldfield "It’s a fair question, and not
easily answered. In theory,
it’s a practical way to
communicate quickly, or
silently, or both."
-Hannah Goldfield With the introduction of Emojis, the
medium of texting has far surpassed its
original purpose, creating a new style of

So if a picture is truly worth
1,000 words, does that mean
that texts including Emojis
can express more within
their limited space? -Hannah Goldfield EMOJIS Emoji (the word is an anglicization of Japanese characters that translate literally to “picture letter”) takes the idea of the emoticon—the smiley face :), the sad face :(, the winking face ;), the heart <3—and brings it to its logical conclusion: full color, detail, a world of options. Goldfield opens her article off with a personal anecdote of a family summer barbecue By introducing her topic through a personal story, Goldfield is suggesting that there is quite a personal element that accompanies the use of Emojis. "It’s hard to explain the appeal of this primitive language, but perhaps just as hard not to succumb to it." She then furthers her argument by describing how the introduction of Emojis to text messages has “further evolved” and “loosened the medium’s restrictions and presented new ones”
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