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M88EKM - In-Class Presentation

No description

Alan Richards

on 8 November 2014

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Transcript of M88EKM - In-Class Presentation

Create a PowerPoint presentation detailing a fictitious DSS product
You have been formed into randomly allocated groups
Create a seven minute presentation extolling the virtues of a cutting-edge DSS application
The application must be envisaged and enacted by your group; not based on an existing product!
You can base the product
on any industry sector
other than IT
Ensure you use all the correct technical language to describe the product and its underlying ethos
Ensure you use technical references to give your resultant presentation academic rigour
Search engines;
Journal articles;
Youtube - how have others presented on similar topics
Presentations will be delivered to the remainder of the class as per indicative delivery schedule
(no exceptions!)
Be specific about the
product and its functionality
Be creative as this is where the marks are awarded
Marking Criteria
Ability to summarise the key points with regards to brief & within time limits (20 marks)
• Covers all key points (note not all points); shows critical judgement;
• Very balanced representation with appropriate weighting to points;
• Cohesive argument/summary (flows well and appears as one presentation);
• Very good timing.
Demonstration of application of concepts/theory as well as integration and synthesis (20 marks)
• True synthesis of information and clear demonstration of deep understanding of group;
• High-quality examples given that add value and exemplify key points.
Quality of presentation (10 marks)
• Very good presentational and visual quality;
• Graphics are appropriate and add value;
• Images and spoken words give synergistic value.
Present ppt. in class and e-mail to
Alan Richards (aa4277@coventry.ac.uk)
Citations & Referencing MUST use CUHarvard Style
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