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My Prezi on Stargirl, Maniac Magee, and Knots in My Yo-Yo String,and the saying "Friendship is not always sunnny-side up."

Lynda Niffenegger

on 21 April 2012

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Transcript of Aarushi

Author Study: Jerry Spinelli "Friendship isn't always sunnyside up." -Jerry Spinelli What that means to me is that friendship is not always perfect,
and some friendships are sort of like "we're friends, we're not friends, we're friends again." Jerry Spinelli is a great author who writes children's literature. He writes a lot about friendship and what it means to be a friend. He also writes
about things in his childhood. Stargirl is like this flower because while she might be a little lopsided and weird, she stands out, just like this flower.

Maniac is like a cheetah
because he runs fast and he is
agile and strong like a cheetah.
He never gives up and neither
does a cheetah. Jerry is like a flash drive because he stores his information and memories in his brain as if it is a flash drive. Stargirl Knots in my Yo-yo String Maniac Magee Connections Text to Text Text to Self Text to World Text to World Text to World Text to Text Text to Text Text to Self Text to Self Stargirl is like Harry Potter because
they are different than other people
and sometimes people like them for it
and sometimes people don't. Stargirl is like me
because we both like
nature and like making
people happy by doing
little things. Stargirl makes people happy
and when people go to the
Des Moines Symphony
they might feel happy because of the music. Jerry is sort of like
me because when
he was a kid
he didn't
know what
he wanted
to be when he grew
up and neither do I. Knots in My Yo-yo
String is sort of
like all the other
Jerry Spinelli
books because he
puts stuff that
was in his childhood
in his books. There is discrimination
in Knots in My Yo-yo String
and there was the same
type of discrimination in the U.S. a long time ago. Maniac Magee likes
running and one of
the kids in Boxcar
Children does too. Maniac Magee doesn't
really care how people
look on the outside
but he cares about how
people are on the inside
and I think so too. There are a lot of homeless
who are like Maniac
Magee because they are
forced to travel from one
place to another and look
for food like him. THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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