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Greysun Perry

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Task #2
By:Greysun Perry _ Germany was in very bad shape from WWI, so it was open to follow a man like Hitler. - How did the end of WWI leave Germany open to follow a man like Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party? The end of WWI left Germany open to follow a man like Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party by making it go into a Great Depression from all of the reparations, or payment for the war damage. Hitler promised help them get out of it and he did, so they were forever grateful and would follow him into battle like they did in WWII. l When did Hitler become the official leader of the Nazi Party? k Hitler became the official leader of the Nazi Party, a.k.a. the NSDAP, in 1921. This was 2 years after he began to rise in leadership with his captivating speeches. ; What was Mein Kampf? k Mein Kampf was Hitler's beliefs and goals for Germany. He believed that non-Aryan races, such as Jews and Gypsies, were inferior. v What reason did Hitler give for attempting to annihilate the Jewish people? f The reason Hitler gave for attempting to annihilate the Jewish people was actually 7 reasons, that we know of.
1. He regarded most Jews as Communists.
2. He blamed the Jews for causing the defeat of Germany in WWI.
3. He blamed the Jews for the Great Depression in Germany.
4. They claimed that the Jews were a morally and culturally corrupting influence.
5. He believed that the Jews were conspiring to rule the world.
6. He also believed that the Jews already, to a large extent, controlled Germany.
7. He believed that they were racially inferior and were in some sense 'contaminating' non-Jewish Germans and he wanted a Germany and a Europe without Jews. f Task #9 f Jews were tortured and disfigured and the majority of them died. f There are three broad classes of medical experiments done at Dachau, What were they? f The three broad classes of medical experiments were-
1. Experiments aimed at the survival of the Axis personnel.
2. Finding treatments for wounds and illnesses.
3. The sterilization of the Gypsies and Jewish people. f Why were freezing experiments carried out on prisoners? v Freezing experiments were carried out on Jewish prisoners because the Nazis wanted to find the best means of treating a person who had been severely chilled. f Why did Josef Mengele do so many experiments of twins? . Mengele was fasinated on how the twins would react the same to a disease that was injected into them. f List three other medical experiments that were carried out on the Jewish prisoners. f Medical experiments list=
1. Freezing the Jews to find out the best ways of treating the frostbite.
2. Infecting the prisoners with a disease and trying to find the best way of treating the disease.
3. Surgery, removing a limb or organ and seeing how they would operate without the limb or organ. http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=Eg8A6GIXgeU&feature=fvwp
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