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No description

Kailey Hayes

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of Carbon.

Mr. Carbon is a part of every living thing,
and in all living things carbon bonds with another carbon atom. These carbon bonds store energy. So where can you find carbon? In the trees, In birds, Even in people, Meet Mr. Carbon Carbon is good for us, but carbon can also be bad, Over millions of years animals died and collected at the bottom of seas. But when the animals die their carbon bonds were left behind. Eventually all of the stuff at the bottom of the sea forms a black goo that we pump from the ground to power stuff. Fossil fuels burning, Yes, burning fossil fuels are good for us because they power our home and make life much easier but burning them is destroying our earth. When we burn fossil fuels it creates CO2. Co2 is mostly absorbed by the ocean and plants but the CO2 that doesn't get absorbed goes into the atmosphere. Co2 is very harmful to our atmosphere it causes a shield that lets heat from the sun in but not always out which is causing our planet to heat up.
Because the earth is heating up the glaciers are melting, which is adding more water to earth. You can help! Try to use less energy, when you leave a room turn the light off, when you brush your teeth don't leave the water running. Get everyone in your house to start recycling! Every little thing helps! Who is Mr. Carbon?
Mr. Carbon is an atom or a very small piece of a larger thing. Co2 is made when Mr. Carbon splits up with the other Carbon atoms and he has to find something else to attach to, so it attaches to the Oxygen Twins, making co2.
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