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whitman massacre

colton hanson

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of C.B.A.

The Whitman Massacre
by Colton Hanson
Mr. Russell's class
East Valley Middle School
East Valley School District
7th grade Conflict can be described in many ways such as...
To be contradictory
To fight or contend
A prolonged struggle
Some causes of conflict are...
Disagreement between a set of people
Different beliefs of two groups of people
Misinterpretation of people Who was involved with the Whitman's murder?
Marcus & Narcissa Whitman and 72 other missionaries
The Cayuse Indians and there chief named Tilaukait
Joe Lewis
The settlers that came through the Waiilatpu Mission Pictures from: http://guesswhoto.com/pend-indians.jpg http://www.nps.gov/archive/whmi/images/press/marcnarc.jpg Where the murders happened
Current Washington State or the Old Oregon Territory
Waiilatpu Mission or better known as the Whitman Mission
Along the Walla Walla River Valley
Along the Oregon Trail From: http://www.legendsofamerica.com/na-cayusewar.html Important dates from this time
November 29, 1847- the murder of the Whitmans happened
1831- the Indians ask Lewis and Clark to learn the Christian ways
1836- the mission is set up and settlers arrive through the Oregon Trail
1847-1848- the Cayuse War The conflict
Indians killed the Whitmans
The Indians didn't except the White's ways and the White's didn't except the Indians ways
The disease's that came The first main cause was disease
When the settlers came over from the East Coast they brought with them many diseases. Over five thousand settlers came through the Oregon Trail which went through the Whitman Mission. Some of the diseases that were brought over is the Measles, and, Smallpox. From: http://www.propagandesign.com/octcw
eb/HistoricalTrails/OregonCaliforniaTrails.htm Disease continued...
over half the Cayuse Tribe died from the horrible diseases passing settlers. So many of them died because unlike the white people the Cayuse had no immunity from the diseases. This was making many of the Indians angrier and angrier. Disease continued...
After so many Indians died they started to blame Dr.Whitman. They blamed him because he was supposed to be a shaman with special powers to heal the sick. Shamans were supposed to have more spiritual power than anyone else. Disease continued...
White settlers spread rumors that they poisened Indians and that was why they kept dying. Joe Lewis was one of the many that spread these rumors. Joe spread them because he thought that when he was being treated by the Whitmans that he was being maltreated. Another main cause of the massacre was religion
Indians believed a person with a lot of spirit power became a shaman. Whites did not, to them it was just a proffesion that you could chose. They also believed that Dr. Whitman had these "powers" while the white's knew he had none. Religion continued...
Indians believed that nature and earth was siritual while whites believed that it could be something bought or obtained. The whites farmed the land and chopped down trees while Indians believed in gathering plants and using every part of an animal Religion continued...
White people believed that the Indians should give up there old ways but the Indians did not wish to totally forget about there ways. The whites would take the Indian children to boarding schools and forced to change their names and to speak English and not there native names. Religion continued...
Indians spiritual ways were not accepted by the white people and the Christian ways were not excepted by the Indians. The Indians had to smoke a ceremonial pipe in order to be on a vision quest and they also believed that the four directions had meaning to which a person would follow. The last main cause was way of life
The way to get food was extremely different between the two different groups of people. First the Cayuse Indians gather food from bushes and trees. The white people hunted many other animals from a bear to a bird. Plus the white people farmed and fenced off there land. Way of life continued...
The way they would live was also very contradictory. Indians would move with the buffalo and the other game, while the white people would settle in towns and cities and would stay throughout seasons. Way of life continued...
The last and final cause I would like to talk about is land ownership. Indians believed the earth was spiritual and could not be owned while the whites believed that the land was an obtainable object and built farms on it and fenced it off so no one else could get on it. From: http://www.keyflux.com/lucastan Bibliography
Smith, Roxann Ges. Cayuse Indians. 2000. 24 April 2010 <http://gesswhoto.com/pend-indians.html>.
Green, M. R. (2002). Washington In The Pacific Northwest. Layto, Utah.
The Grasses Still Wave...Waiilatpu Over Time. (2004, March 3). Retrieved April 22, 2010, from nps.gov: http://www.nps.gov/archive/whmi/history/time3.htm
Thompson, L. (2004). People of Plateau. Vero Beach, Florida: rourke publishing.
Reasons the Whitman Massacre happened
Religion ordeals
Differences in the way of life
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