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Graffiti Your Common Core

No description

Brett Shufelt

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Graffiti Your Common Core

Introductions Cont.
Workshop Objectives
Opening Exercise
Name or Nickname
(between 3-7 letters)
(between 3-7 letters)
(between 3-7 letters)
One Word to Describe Yourself
A Brief Description Explaining Your understanding of What "Common Core" Means...
One Word to Describe Graffiti
3. Provide a theoretical framework and examples for introducing Graffiti (Street Art, Urban Art, etc.) into your lessons
4. Practice some Graffiti Writing skills and having some fun along the way...
1. Discuss how the changing standards in education will require new approaches to presenting subject matter
2. Give an overview of important concepts that help further your understanding of Graffiti
What elements are necessary for the success of students in the classroom?
Why do so many students fail to grasp key concepts?
The "Ah-ha" Moment
Take Walks
Go to Museums
Be Silly
Write your own theme Song
Read Poetry
From another Country
Challenge Conventions
Talk to strangers
Ask Yourself:
"What would engage my students the most?"
Buy an entire outfit from a thrift shop
Exercise Expanded
Choose one of the Single Word Responses
Write it as as you can
Write it as as you can
Try to write it in a way that conveys something about yourself
A Veteran Teacher's Discovery
A Student Teacher's Realization
Student's Perspective
4-years experience working with "At-Risk" youth in a residential education setting
Curriculum Development for hire b.w.shufelt@gmail.com
25 Years Experience Teaching Visual Art
Graduating in 2017!!
- ELD students can engage in critical and analytical discussions with higher levels of cognition.
- These same students then write with depth and understanding, but with weak grammar skills.
- But, RELEVANCY must be present in the lesson.

- Her youth and depth of understanding was closer to the students only generationally.
- Students were engaged in the lesson.
- Typical Visual Arts classes vary in skills and productivity. Few students were capable of creating graffiti.
- Film students were lost for an intelligent idea to create their final independent film.
- An MC (non-artist) and a fine-artist live a “Graffiti Existence” [music, dance, spoken word, and visual art.
- Given an opening night invitation to Street Art at MOCA their film idea flourished.
When did Graffiti Start?
Oxford Dictionary


writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place.
Meriam-Webster -
writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place.
Technically the term applies to designs scratched through a layer of paint or plaster, but its meaning has been extended to other markings.
Graphein -
Greek infinitive to write or draw, typically on a flat surface
Late 1950's - Early 1960's
Began writing in order to get attention from a woman
New York Late 1960's
Los Angeles 40's and early 50's
These were pledges of alegience to ones neighborhood or gang
"Kilroy was Here"
US Servicemen scribbled this tag all over US Military bases and throught Europe starting from the Late 1930's
Ideas for Assignments
Ideas for Assignments
Ideas for Assignments
Ideas for Assignments
Ideas for Assignments
Be Creative!!
Is Graffiti Art?
What Stylistic transitions have occurred as the movement has grown?
What is "
" anyway?
There is no literary content that relates to Graffiti that deserves academic review
Poetry, Spoken Word, and Hip-Hop all have a long tradition of connection to the Graffiti Community
Students can read and analyze the excerpt "White Girl" by Luis Alberto Urrea.
They can explore the modern relationship with the juxtaposition between life and death. They can write a short essay looking at the concept of how choices and motivations are blurred.
Finally students could select a section of the excerpt and use the visual imagery to illustrate a part of the story trying to implement the styles and motifs found in graffiti.
Students could research the graffiti from the 1960's and then compare the stories, life and motivation of one artist from that period to a contemporary graffiti artist.
Students could choose the a piece of art from whatever period may be appropriate for that class and compare it to a contemporary piece of graffiti art. Students would need to be sure to analyze the motivation behind both pieces and draw parralells between any political, stylistic, social, or econmical factors that can be associated with the production of each piece.
What does math have to do with Art?
A group of Students can choose three or more graffiti images to analyze.
The students can rate which of the pieces is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
Then the students can test the theory that images that are adhere more closely to the golden ratio are more visually appealing by looking at each letter along with the total composition of the image to see which of the three pieces is closest to the ratio and does that match their initial choice
Students can choose an Alias and practice it in three different styles (Bubble, Block, Wildstyle, etc.) on paper.
Once they have practiced the three styles they can choose to apply the style they feel most comfrotable in onto a larger found surface (pieces of wood or cardboard, skateboard, etc.
Students can walk around their neighborhood and
all of the graffiti in the area, taking note of specific tags and the number that they repeat.
Then students can choose another neighborhood aside from their own and replicate the exercise, taking note on which neighborhood has more or higher quality graffiti.
Students can conduct
of local residents in each of their locations and compare the resulsts
Let's compare Graffiti Pieces!!!
3-D Wildstyle
Old School
Exercise Cont.
Take a moment to try to do a full practice "throw-up" of your chosen alias...
The images will be judged at the end and the winner will receive a
Exercise...it's good for you
Now take your word, and write it in block letters
It may help to break down the letters in your word into it's component pieces first to better understand the composition each one
Next choose a totem to add to your word. try to incorporate it into one of your letters
da Intanet GRAF CATZ!!!
LOLZ Iz Luvz
Da Intanet Grafs!!
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