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Embedded Quotes

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Monica Villagomez

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Embedded Quotes

Embedded Quotes
(The right way)

A few rules to keep in mind
Do not capitalize the first letter of an embedded quote (unless it is at the beginning of a sentence)
For ONE source
What is an Embedded Quote?

Ex. 1. Most significant is Jane’s will to
“venture to hope”
for happiness and stability at Thornfield (250).
2.The town of Raveloe also sees a different side of him, so that
“no child was afraid of approaching Silas when Eppie was near him”
Monica V
Alishya Y

. The period always goes at the end of the sentence, after the citation
Only the page number(s) are needed, NOT the author's surname. Ex. (152-153).
For plays, format in this order: act, scene, line number Ex. (2.1.15).
Multiple sources
Format in the following order; author's surname, page number Ex. (Green 174).
It is acceptable to use ellipses (...) when wanting to skip some of the text,
but don't use them too often.

The quote should not be longer than 2-3 lines.
Keep it short, sweet & to the point
Ex. Most significant is Jane’s will to “venture to hope” for happiness and stability at Thornfield (250).
The "v" is NOT capitalized
Ex. In the Aeneid, Virgil describes the ships as cleavingthe “green woods reflected in the calm
water” (Smith 124).
The period is placed AFTER the citation
Ex. He claims that "people are...ruining things" (Salinger 88).
Correct use of ellipses
Use brackets when a word must be changed to fit the tense/grammar of the sentence. Put the corrected format in the brackets and leave out the incorrect format.
Ex. Original: "I returned
yesterday, 2 hours after
Quote: The criminal admitted: "I returned
[to the crime scene]
yesterday, 2 hours after
[the murder]

Using brackets to clarify
Ex. Which Shakespearean character said, “Fortune is painted blind, with a muffler afore her eyes”?
Ex. The student asked, “When did Olive Ann Burns write Cold Sassy Tree?”
DOES NOT end with ?/!
DOES end with ?/!

When quoting poems, use slash marks to indicate the start of a new line (/)
Ex. James Merrill retreats into a childlike world in the poem “The Furnished Room”: “Time howled outside/ But central heat/ Hissed back and kept us warm.”
Start of a new line

Question marks / exclamation points are attached after the quote (only if the quote itself does not end in one of these)
AP English IV
Period 2

A quote from the work(s) that is literally "embedded" into a sentence in order for it to flow naturally and not sound awkward or stiff.
Embedded Quote Pitfalls!!
"Quote Dumping"
This happens when you fail to embed/weave the author's quote into your sentence.
"Too Much Quote"
Remember that your quote needs to be short & sweet! Cut out all of the junk and only keep the parts that are important to the point you are making in the sentence.
"Just Dialogue"
"Plot Summary"
Stay away from terms such as "She said...", always remember that you are analyzing NOT telling the novel.

"Not Enough Analysis"
The ratio of analysis to quote should be about 3:1. Without quote analysis, there is no essay.
DO NOT summarize, DO NOT summarize, DO NOT summarize!
Instead of using passages from the novel that are going to summarize it, explain the concept in your own words.
Steer away from these pitfalls and your Embedded Quotes should be perfect!
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