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No description

Fatmaster Cui

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of BOOK TALK!

Spring Book 2 Book 3 Works Cited BOOK TALK Dessau, Bruce. Bean There Done That: The Life and times of Rowan Atkinson. London: Orion Media, 1997. First Book By: Gordon Cui Endymion Spring Themes - Familial love
- Knowledge
- Friendship
- Determination A Wrinkle in Time Meg Murry and her little brother, Charles Wallace Murry, are considered weird, dumb, and different by their classmates. Meg gets called names so much that she starts to think of herself as a goofball. They are actually very smart but they don’t want to show it in school. Charles has so much brain power that he can read people’s thoughts. Unfortunately, their dad, Mr. Murry, has been missing for a year and a half from a secret government mission. Just when Meg was giving up hope on her father returning, three old mysterious women, who know where Meg’s father is, come take Meg and Charles on an adventure through time and planets. Meg brings her friend, Calvin, along too. A Wrinkle in Time Themes - Uniqueness - Love Friendship Be Unique Themes The book, Endymion Spring, has a double storyline. The story alternates between the present and the past. The present storyline follows two children in modern Oxford who are Blake Winters (13) and his younger sister, Duck Winters. Blake and Duck find a mysterious book called Endymion Spring in the library. The book is very strange. Only Blake can see the words on the book, and the book seems to speak to Blake. Blake and his sister find out that the book is extremely powerful, containing forbidden knowledge. Diana Bently, also known as "The Person in the Shadows" discovers that the book has been found. Diana wants the knowledge for evil. Blake and his sister have to guard the book with their lives from the Person in the Shadows. Endymion Spring Rowan Sebastian Atkinson was born in a small farm in Consett, County Durham, England. In Atkinson's early life, he lived in a farm with his two older brothers, and was brought up with a normal life in an Anglican Church school. Atkinson was an extremely shy boy at school, but he liked to make funny faces and loved engineering. To fulfill his dream as an engineer, Atkinson eventually got a masters degree in engineering. Atkinson applied as a sound engineer for drama films, but got rejected. He then took up his other passion, drama, at Oxford University. Instead of being behind the scenes as a sound engineer, he would now be on the stage performing. At Oxford, he made his debut in BBC’s sitcom, Not the Nine O’clock News. From Oxford and on, Atkinson has starred in around 23 comedy films. Most of the films were very successful such as Blackadder and Johnny English. The birth of Mr. Bean made Atkinson known worldwide. Aside from acting, Atkinson loves fast cars and owns 5 sports cars. Atkinson shows his passion for cars by acting in comical driving movies such as, Full throttle and The Driven Man. Currently, Atkinson and his wife, Sunetra Sastry live in Apethorpe, Northamptonshire. They have two children named Lily and Benjamin Atkinson who've become actors as well. Rowan Atkinson is still an active actor and inspires many actors with his physical acting skills. It turns out that the three elderly women are actually immortal celestial beings who can bend time and teleport. The three women teleport Meg, Charles, and Calvin to where Meg’s dad is kept prisoner. The planet is called Camazotz and everything that the people do has to be in the same time, rhythm, and way. If they don’t follow the rules, they get killed or “put to sleep”, by the big brain that controls everything on Camazotz, IT. Meg, Charles, and Calvin finally find Mr. Murry in the clutches of IT. Meg uses her uniqueness and love; Charles uses his overwhelming brain power; while Calvin uses his gift of communication to defeat IT and rescue Mr. Murry. After their adventure, they teleport back to Earth and Meg starts to accept herself more. Print. L'Engle, Madeleine, and Anna Quindlen. A Wrinkle in Time. New York: Square Fish, 2007. Print Skelton, Matthew. Endymion Spring. New York: Delacorte, 2006. Print. Print. Print. The present storyline was based on something that happened in the past. The past story follows the life of a printer, Johannes Gutenberg, and his apprentice, Endymion Spring (13). They live in workshop in the 15th century Oxford. One day, Johann Fust, a "friend" of Gutenberg, went to stay at Gutenberg's workshop and secretly brought over a powerful chest. Fust wanted the power for evil but the chest only opens with child's blood. Endymion stumbled upon the chest and being a child, was able to open it. Endymion uncovered a dragon skinned book that holds the world's forbidden knowledge. The evil Fust tried to take the book from Endymion but fortunately, Endymion escaped and guarded the book untill he dies. This is Joe from the Coconut Song.He will be guiding you through the journey of the horrifying Book Talk Hope Themes - Themes - Fluent
- Followed his goals
- Variety
- Support Thank you for Watching
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