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donna campbell

on 6 November 2015

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Transcript of OIA

What are the implications for the College of a direct relationship with the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education?

What actions should the College take to address these implications?

As a result of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 FE Colleges and Alternative Providers are now included in the scope of the OIA.

What does this mean?
Students can complain to the OIA after exhausting 'College procedures'.

The OIA cannot deal with complaints about admissions, academic judgement or student employment, but can deal with complaints around mitigation, academic appeals, teaching, placements etc

Sea Level

We will need to develop these in our role as SLC's
Knowledge:We need this in order to support others
Actions for College

Assign a point of contact internally
Raise awareness of the OIA internally amongst staff and students
Arrange training sessions for staff in relation to OIA and CMA
Update all relevant policies and website to inform prospective students and current students of new procedures
Ensure College procedures meet the Good Practice Framework
Ensure record keeping for student appeals and complaints is robust and thorough

Implications for College:

Updating of policies (complaints, student handbooks, etc) to ensure transparency, accuracy and clarity which must meet the OIA Good Practice Framework
Clear agreements with HEI partners (completion of procedures letter, whose policies refer to which students)
Financial cost to the College (yearly subscription)
Meeting recommendations from the OIA
Data Retention
Resource implications
Additional complaints/appeals
Plans to publish outcomes of complaints
Links to TEF and Quality assurance
Actions for College

Update data retention schedule to mirror Partners procedures
Establish with partners who has responsibility for completing the 'Completion of Procedures' letter and whose policies should be followed
Send a copy of all relevant College policies to the OIA
Keep up to date with consultations and the expected 'Green Paper' for further implications

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