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Religion Culture Project


Justin Park

on 21 October 2012

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Transcript of Religion Culture Project

Greece By: Michael S.
Justin P. Culinary tradition of 4000 years: Wheat, Olive oil, and Wine. Rarely used Red meats due to cost. Used Lots of Fish. Many Spices Used. Used many Fruits and Vegetables Modern Culture, Meals Healthy. IN THE PAST... Consisted of Bread and Wine with Side Dishes of simple Vegetables and Cheese. Still use lots of Fish, but now incorporating more different meats. Culinary Tradition (continued): Example: Dakos Religion 97% of the Population is either Orthodox or Christian. There are more Roman Catholic people than Protestants. There is also a Greek Catholicism, there are less of these than Protestants, There are also more religions such as Islamic Jewdism, and Hellenic Neopaganism. In the past most of the population believed in Hellenic Neopaganism. (Roman Gods) Not too much Christians At this Time of Era. Politics They Are a Democratic Country. Democratic parties consist of two dominate parties. Liberal Conservative (New Democracy). Social Democratic (Panhellenic Socialist Movement), in short, PASOK. Celebrations and Holidays There is at least one holiday and/or celebration each month. They Share most of the 'normal' Holiday/Celebrations as we do such as Easter and Christmas. Many of the Celebrations/ Holidays involve a Religion factor In it. Climate/ Geography Consists of mountains, 1200-6000 Islands (only 227 inhabited), and the Mainland. Land boundary is about 1, 160 k.m Climate consists of a hot summer and a wet winter. Mountain Ranges have Heavy snow Fall Music Choir music with vocal mixed vocal genders date to ancient Greece. They use exotic instruments (Lyre). Pop and Rock became introduced in the 1960s Greek bands formed in the 60s. The inverters of the Olympics. Food
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