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Islamic Art

No description

zainab almomen

on 6 December 2014

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Transcript of Islamic Art

Dome of the rock
The Islamic world map.

The definition of Islamic art
Dome of the rock
The visual arts produced from the 7th century onwards by Muslims and non-Muslims artist within the territories occupied by the people and cultures of Islam.

Islamic art is not a religious art. But rather it covers many forms of art such as architecture, calligraphy, manuscript illumination, wood and ivory carving, ceramic art and many other form of art.
Islamic art has developed from pre-existing Greek-Roman, Byzantine Christian, and Sasanian forms. This particularly apparent in architecture.

Dome of the rock is one of the oldest Islamic architecture. It was built in city of Jerusalem at the time of the Umayyad Caliph Abd al-Malik.

The octagonal plan of dome of the rock has been influenced by the earlier Byzantine architecture.

The origin and history of Islamic art
Dome of the rock
Islam started in the early 7th century on the Arabian peninsula.

30 years after the death of prophet Mohammad, Muslims warriors had carried the new faith into much of today middle east.

A century after, Islam had spread across Africa to Spain in the west, and into the Indus valley and Central Asia in the east.

Islamic Art

Church Of San Vitale, Ravenna, Italy, 526-547. Byzantine Art.

The element of Islamic art
Geometric patterns.
Vegetal patterns. (Arabesque)
Also, figure representation.

The meaning
"With the exception of the garden and its usual reference to paradise, vegetal motifs and patterns in Islamic art are largely devoid of symbolic meaning."

The unifying themes of Islamic art
The reverence for the Word -the Qur’an- and for the language of the Word –Arabic- as reflected in the art of beautiful writing.

The development of artistic expression independent of the human figure.

The equality of genres.

Islamic Art forms
Rugs and carpets.
Islamic pottery.
Metal works.
And other applied art.

Islamic pattern in rug

Mosque of Córdoba
The Hypostyle Hall
The building is most notable for its arcaded hypostyle hall.

The expansive prayer hall seems magnified by its repeated geometry. It is built with recycled ancient Roman columns made  of jasper, onyx, marble, and granite.

 Double symmetrical arches  formed of stone and red brick permitting higher ceilings. The double arches consist of a lower horseshoe arch and an upper semi-circular arch.

The Mihrab
The focal point in the prayer hall is the famous horseshoe arched mihrab.

The mihrab is richly gilded it is a masterpiece of architectural art, with geometric and flowing designs of plants.

The arch of the mihrab is the size of a small room.

Decorated with Gold tesserae that create a dazzling combination of dark blues, reddish browns, yellows and golds.
The Dome
Above the mihrab, is an equally dazzling dome.

It is built of crisscrossing ribs that create pointed arches all lavishly covered with gold mosaic in a radial pattern. 

Decorated with Islamic calligraphy.

Other features of the mosque
The walls of the mosque had Qur'an inscriptions written on them.

All decoration is accomplished through tile work, calligraphy and architectural forms.

An open court surrounded by arcades, screens of wood, minarets, colorful mosaics, and windows of colored glass.

The influence of Islamic Art -today​
Calligraphy decoration on the dome.

Islamic calligraphy- iPhone case

Islamic border design - mug

Screen printed Islamic Geometric
Pattern – Wedding invitation

Islamic calligraphy – canvas

Logo Inspired by the Islamic Arches - Restaurant

The Islamic world map.

Arwa Alshammari -2130001417
Layla Alkhalifah - 2130006181
Noura Almomen -2112080019
Lina Almohtseeb -2130009292
Tool and techniques
The tradition of fine craftsmanship.

Highly decorated with a verity of techniques.

High level of achievement.

“The moment were the west met Islam, and it ‘s one of the wonderful wonders.”

It was originally a church then a mosque then a church again.

Built by the Umayyad prince Abd al-Rahman l.

Abd al-Rahman I wanted to construct a temple that equels in magnfices those of Baghdad, Jerusalem, and Damascus.

H purchased the Christian half of the church of St Vincent, which was shared between them and the Muslims of Córdoba.

Abd al-Rahman I and his descendants reworked the building over the following two centuries to fashion it as a mosque, starting in 784.

The Group Opinion:

Islamic art is not limited to only religious matters, it combines people culture's from the past to present and add the special Islamic touch to it.
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