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"Addict with a Pen" Twenty One Pilots

No description

Sam Kaiser

on 29 May 2015

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Transcript of "Addict with a Pen" Twenty One Pilots

"Addict with a Pen" Twenty One Pilots
Sam Kaiser

Literary Devices
Idiom and extended metaphor, "Haven't found a drop of life" Lines 10 and 11. The metaphor from the last lines to this one are joined together by this line to make the piece flow and give the reader or listener a better understanding then. The metaphor of drop of life to the little information in his "desert".
Literary Device
Simile, "As an addict with a pen" Line 36. This shows that he is addicted to writing songs and how he can't stop writing them like an addict. He can't stop writing songs.

Literary Devices
Hyperbole ,and metaphor, "I've been traveling ,The desert of my mind" lines 7 and 8. This means to the overall song that he has no idea where he is going and just has been thinking forever and has no information just a desert, filled with nothing. It is a hyperbole because a desert is a massive place and it is exaggerating that he is traveling through his whole mind. The metaphor compares his little information of his mind to a desert.
My interpretation
At first I thought it as a song written to their Father because they were never close,but he wanted to reach out and try but then after wards I thought it about him reaching out to God after he left him and he was in struggling times so he was reaching back out to God.
The tone in this passage is pessimistic then to confused and then back to pessimistic. The tone shift is at line 34 and the tone shift back is line 53. "I haven't found a drop of life, I haven't found a drop of you..." then "My trial was filled as a crazy Suicidal case ,But you specialize in dying" and then back to "I haven't found a drop of life, I haven't found a drop of you..."
The theme of this song is a father and a son in this case about God and himself but lost without each other but came back to each other. "You here me screaming Father and I'm lying here just crying So wash me with your water ... I know I haven't been the best of sons. I haven't found a drop of you."
Author's Interpretation
The song is written and performed by the band twenty one pilots. They got their name from the band member Tyler Joseph, who was studying the play All My Sons. It has connections to the song Addict with a pen. The play is about morals, and decisions we make. A man name Joe Keller is a successful business man at the opening of the play. He lives with his wife and son. They had another son, who went missing in world war 2, and no news has been heard of him Tyler Joseph describes that his band is based on the moral dilemma of this play. That is how the play All My Sons is linked to the name of the band. But we must progress back to how I believe it is linked to the song Addict with a pen. Or it could be taken as them praying out or reaching out to God, it just depends on how you take it.
End at 4:10
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