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SNO Pharma

No description

Justine Chevrier

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of SNO Pharma

P&G Sno Pharma Optimize
our cost structure
and support to
business growth. Implemented actions Beyond the basics The survey Feedbacks No time to answer but :
« Hello,
Sorry, I don’t have time and I answer to survey when I’m paid
Greeting, »

Yannick Rannou Winning supply solutions Value brackets Better and higher ! MOV Improvements : results Illustration : claims Discount on total invoice amount

Generate a saving => Will finance a 1st order without MOV for pharmacies which didn’t order for the last 24 months. Direct debit : as of 2013 Focus on biggest customers Are the clients willing to adopt direct debit ? Strong sales force :
« Very competent sale rep which is rare nowadays ! » We can see the results :
« The situation has much improved. If you had sent this survey last year to date, the answers would have been totally different ! »

« Everything is OK, I’ve never had to use the customer service » We need to innovate :
« Online orders on a website dedicated to pharmacists. At least it would avoid input errors by the sales vendor» Open your wallet :
« More discount, more free products, and especially more samples ! » Improve
our performance Click play for music ! Merci !
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