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McMillan Sisters

No description

Haley Bayne

on 3 February 2011

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Transcript of McMillan Sisters

Margaret & Rachel Connection between workers' physical environment and intellectual development In 1910, Margaret started a child health clinic in Depford Green, later moving it to Evelyn House. Began a sort of "nursery school" for kids whose parents were munition workers. Grew rapidly. After Rachel died, Margaret named this "nursery school" after her. She named it the Rachel McMillan Nursery School and Children's Centre - First called an open air nursery school - emphasis on:

- learning

-sleeping outside Outside play and the idea of free lunches for some children remains today -1906- Campaigned for free school lunches IMPACT - "Garden Cities" Her description of children sleeping under the stars has an almost mystical quality: ‘sleepy eyes looked from their pillows at points of starry fire in the indigo blue depth; the night wind cooled their little heated bodies, and a primrose dawn called them awake. Will these children ever forget the healing joy of such nearness to the earth spirit as is possible even in Deptford?’ Theory of bathing, sleeping, washing proved successful.
-measle case Margaret's Writings
- Education Through the Imagination
- The Economic Aspects of Child Labour and Education Overall:
Contributed to education through the start of the first nursery school, inspired imagination and outdoor play, and the right that each child has to a good education. McMillan Sisters 1860-1931 1859-1917 was deaf until the age of 14 due to scarlet fever orphans by age 18 Scottish Socialist Meetings

Writers for Christian Socialist Magazine Singing teachers for working class girls in London
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