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Nathan Hale

Revolutionary War

Julia Holloway

on 10 December 2010

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Transcript of Nathan Hale

Nathan Hale Who was Nathan Hale? Nathan Hale was an American
patriot of the Revolutionary
War. Hale became a national
hero after he was hung by the
British for spying during the
American Revolutionary. When was Nathan Hale born
and when did he die? Nathan Hale was born on June 6,
1755 in Coventry, Connecticut.His
parents were Elizabeth Strong and
Richard Hale.When he was born he
was very sick, but he survived.
He died on September 22,1776 hung
by an apple tree beside
the road for many days as an
warning to other spies in New York,
New York. How did Nathan Hale
become a
spy? Colonel Knowlton approached his
troops and asked for a volunteer
to go behind the British lines.
The main force of the British army
was on Long Island at this point.
The volunteer would be disguised as
a civillian. His task would be to
discover the strength of the British
troops and decide where they would
go next. No body responded to
Knowlton's first call for volunteers.
When he asked again,Hale accepted the
the mission. How did Nathan Hale get
captured? For almost two weeks, Hale moved
about behind the British lines, visiting
every British camp on Long Island.
While he did that he made sketches
of the British defensive positions and
kept count of the types and numbers
of the Btitish soldiers he saw. He kept
the documents hidden in his shoes. By
September 15, he was ready to return
with his news. Fate intervened. On
September 20, the city of New York
was set on fire. By the time the fire
was out, about a fourth of the city's
buildings have been burned beyond repair.
Hale hoped to escape past the British
guard soldiers around the city.The
British were cut looking for American
plotters and arsonists. One of the
suspicious characters they took into
custody on September 21 was Hale. What happened to Hale when he got captured? The British took Hale to their main camp.
When confronted with the evidence in his
shoes, Hale admited that he was an
American soldier on a spy mission.General
Sir William Howe, commander-in-chief of
the British army in the colonies,ordered
Hale execution by hanging. Hale spent the
night in the green house at Howe's
headquarters, under close guard. At dawn
on Sunday,September 22, Hale was taken
to the gallows that had been built in the
apple orchard in New York city. Hale was
befriend by a British officer,Captain John
Montresor,who was General Howe's chief
enigineer. Montresor took Hale into his
tent and gave him a pen and ink so Hale
could write to his family. He wrote one
letter to to his brother and one letter to
Colonel Knowlton.At 11;00 Hale was led
to the gallows and a noose was placed
around his neck. Before his eyes were
blind folded, Hale was allowed to make
one last comment and that was,"You are
shedding the blood of the innocent;if I
had ten thousand lives, I would lay them
downin defense of my injured,bleeding
country.I only regret that I have but one
life to lose for my country." What happened after Nathan Hale's death? Nathan Hale's body was left hanging
for a warning to other spies. His
letters he wrote were never delivered.
General Washington learned of Hale's
death a week later, when Montressor
met with two American officers to
discuss the exchange of prisoners.
Today,Hale is renowned as a patriot
who bravely gave his life when his
country asked for his services. Thanks For WATCHING Text to Self If Nathan Hale was not in the
Revolutionary War, there
would have been a possibility
that I would not been here. Text to World If Nathan Hale was not
in the Revolutionary War
there would have been a
possibility that the war
could have lated longer,
then the world could have
been different
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