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Capstone: How, What, Why, When, and... Huh?

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Natalia Quintanilla

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Capstone: How, What, Why, When, and... Huh?

Capstone: How, What, Why, When, and... Huh?
WHAT is a Normative Question and HOW do I get one?
It's open-ended and can be answered YES or NO
Revolves around a POLICY
It is the TITLE and HINGE upon which your project will rely upon
12 Weeks Start... Now!
HOW?: Read
WHAT?: Handbook, Syllabus, Research Materials, the Interwebs
WHY?: Transferable Skills, Grad School, Accept the Challenge
WHEN?: Due Dates are in the Syllabus
HUH? Don't fret, I'm here to help.Be proactive, ask questions, accept help, nothing is perfect, and realize that there are standard EXPECTATIONS.
WHAT is a Social Controversy?
Ongoing debate by TWO or more sides
Contemporary POLICY
More than one possible SOLUTION
UNDERLYING Social Problems
WHAT is a Social Problem?
They lead to Social Controversies
Are often confused with Social Controversies
HOW? Welfare vs. Poverty and Sex Education in Public Schools vs. Teen Pregnancy, STDs
WHAT is a Policy Solution?
Hint: page 24 of the Handbook
Let's get real...
Should higher education be free?
Should all police officers have to wear body cameras?
Should we be able to modify DNA?
Should drug testing be required to receive welfare?
Should all police officers have military training?
WHY must there be a Value Conflict?
WHAT is a Value Conflict?
It is a Moral Dilemma
It drives the controversial debate
It is WHY we fight
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