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The Year in Numbers

Business Template

Take Me Home From Narnia

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of The Year in Numbers

The Year In Numbers
With a little help (from my friends)
Here's are the beneficiary associations of 2014
Contact Take Me Home From Narnia
The Social Network(s)
Created on Spring 2013
To interact and react instantaneously
February 2015
To let our colors shine on picture
Lights, camera, ACTION(S)
We asked LGBTQ+ fans and supporters to bring Rainbows and brighten up concerts all over the World during the Were We Are Tour.

405 participants
63 (of 69) shows covered in 18 countries
You can add this badge to your social media profile picture to show that this profile is a Safe Space for All.
It means that you support Harry Styles no matter what after his "Not That Important" comment.
It also means that your social media profile is a safe space where bullying or homophobia won't be tolerated

22,500 participants
This year we ask people to make their Rainbows shine during the On The Road Again Tour.

1,376 participants so far
79 (of 80) shows covered in 19 countries
The "Rainbow Direction" Video presents our action in 2014.

11:08 minutes long
Countless hours of work
7 testimonies
Over 5,900 views (YT and Vimeo)
19 languages
For "Where Do Rainbows Hearts Go" we ask our supporters and members to take a picture in their hometown with their Rainbow Heart. This way we want to show how our rainbow love spreads around the world and make it possible for everyone, those not going to shows as well as those who are, to participate in our actions.

27 of Participants (started on February 2015)
38 different places
Where We Are
Money, money, money
The It Gets Better Project's mission
is to communicate to LGBT youth
around the world that it gets better,
and to create and inspire
the changes needed to make
it better for them.
Stonewall is a professional lobbying group that aims to prevent the stigmatization on lesbians, gay men and bisexual people.
ILGA-Europe is the European Region of the International LGBTI Association. It works for equality and human rights for LGBTI people at the European level.
The Trevor Project is the leading American organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ young people.
Young Out Here is an LGBT
youth community group
based in Singapore.
The group provides a safe, secular place for these people
to gather together and to discuss
LGBT issues that they may
face in life.
Created April 27, 2013
Educational Posts
Information about our actions

From Charity Drives and Shop
All the proceeds from charity drives and shops go to charity.

The money is to be given to local LGBTQ+ associations in the regions visited by the tours.
Proceeds from direct donations are used to cover upkeep costs, such as web domains and technical platforms.
In 2014, we raised € 1,065.25 in total.
Where's the money from?
Our goal isn't commercial, all the proceeds go to either charity or to cover upkeep costs.
Where the money goes
From Donations
Experiencing the One Direction fandom as a sometimes dark and scary place for LGBTQ+ fans, Take Me Home From Narnia was created to bring together a diverse group of fans committed to equality and inclusiveness .

We want to make our fandom a safe and enjoyable place for LGBTQ+ fans.
1 person
February 2014
Take Me Home From Narnia is a platform of action against homophobia and cyberbullying and in support of out celebrities.

Rainbow Direction is a campaign to strengthen the LGBTQ+ community and make it visible during the Where We Are and On The Road Again tours.
Who we are
April 27, 2013
20 working on teams
40 active
119 on our list
February 2015
Growing fast
10 persons
May 17, 2013
Over 100 volunteers
Created March 1st, 2014
First video on February 1st, 2015
104 Subscribers
To share our actions on video
We have a worldwide audience.
Being present around the world, including in countries where LGBTQ+ people are still seen as ill or criminals, was one of our goals since day one. We want to empower and support LGBTQ+ people through education and action all over the world.

Our Audience
We are active worldwide.
Rainbow Direction is following the boys' world tours. Thanks to Where Do Rainbow Hearts Go, we are also reaching the areas which aren't visited by the boys.
Our goal is of course to be active in every country.

Our Actions
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