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Hume Pitchfork

No description

Darien Ripple

on 17 August 2016

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Transcript of Hume Pitchfork

Hume's Pitchfork

Darien Ripple, Ph.D.
David Hume
Review ideas
- The theory that experience is the source of all knowledge.

is a perception that arrives from impressions (5 senses) and ideas (copies).
Which of the following statements can be proven True?
Maryland crabs are good.
The death penalty is immoral.
God exists.
Feces goes down hill.
3 + 3 = 6
– The denial that anything can be known
Statement – A sentence that is either True or False
A. Statements about ideas
Statements that appear to be self-evident or necessarily true.
4x4 = 8+8

All triangles have three interior angles.
B. Statements about the world
Statements that are associated with induction needing empirical validation.
Laws of Nature are based on past experience
C. Statements about morality
Morality is not based on reason alone but also sentiments associated with previous impressions.
According to Hume, one can never draw conclusions from
sentences to
Personal Thought
The statements that have the least validity are in some ways the most meaningful.
A. Statements about ideas
B. Statements about the world
C. Statements about morality

We only assume that the sun will set in the West today because it did so yesterday and so on.
Human life
important therefore the death penalty
not exist
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