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The dangers of Galton's "scientific religion"

Gina Maranto

on 6 October 2009

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Transcript of Eugenics

Hugh Watson of Keillor was one of the founders of the breed. He lived in the vale of Strathmore in Angus. At 19 when he started out farming his father gave him six of the best and blackest cows as well as a bull. That same summer he visited some of the leading Scottish cattle markets and purchased the 10 best heifers and the best bull that he could find that showed characteristics of the Angus cattle that he was striving to breed. The females were of various colours but the bull was black; Watson decided that the colour of his herd should be black so he started selecting in that direction. His favourite bull was Old Jock 126, who was awarded the number "1" in the Herd Book at the time it was founded. The bull was bred in 1842 and was sired by Grey-Breasted Jock 113. The bull was apparently used very heavily in the herd from 1843 till 1852 and was awarded the sweepstakes for bulls at the Highland Society Show at Perth in 1852 when he was 11 yrs old. Watson also had a very famous cow called Old Granny 125 who was calved in 1824 but was killed by lightening when past 35 yrs of age. She is reported to have produced a total of 29 calves, 11 of which were registered in the Herd Book.
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